2022 Maryland Statutes
Title 10 - Regulation of Insurance Professions
Subtitle 1 - Insurance Producers
Section 10-101 - Definitions

    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Authorized representative” means an independent contractor of a travel retailer.

    (c)    “Business entity” means a corporation, professional association, partnership, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, or other legal entity.

    (d)    “Home state” means any state in which an insurance producer:

        (1)    maintains the insurance producer’s principal place of residence or principal place of business; and

        (2)    is licensed to act as a resident insurance producer.

    (e)    (1)    “License” means a document issued by the Commissioner to act as an insurance producer for the kind or subdivision of insurance or combination of kinds or subdivisions of insurance specified in the document.

        (2)    “License” includes a limited lines license.

    (f)    “Limited line credit insurance” includes:

        (1)    credit life insurance;

        (2)    credit health insurance;

        (3)    credit property insurance;

        (4)    credit unemployment insurance;

        (5)    credit involuntary unemployment benefit insurance;

        (6)    mortgage life insurance;

        (7)    mortgage guaranty insurance;

        (8)    mortgage disability insurance;

        (9)    guaranteed automobile protection (GAP) insurance; and

        (10)    any other form of insurance that:

            (i)    is offered in connection with an extension of credit;

            (ii)    is limited to partially or wholly extinguishing that credit obligation; and

            (iii)    the Commissioner determines should be designated a form of limited line credit insurance.

    (g)    “Limited line credit insurance producer” means a person who sells, solicits, or negotiates one or more forms of limited line credit insurance coverage to individuals through a master, corporate, group, or individual policy.

    (h)    “Limited lines insurance” means:

        (1)    limited line credit insurance;

        (2)    the lines of insurance described in §§ 10–122 through 10–125 of this subtitle;

        (3)    insurance sold in connection with, and incidental to, the rental of a motor vehicle under Subtitle 6 of this title; or

        (4)    any other line of insurance that the Commissioner considers necessary to recognize for the purpose of complying with § 10–119(d) of this subtitle.

    (i)    “Limited lines insurance producer” means a person authorized by the Commissioner to sell, solicit, or negotiate limited lines insurance.

    (j)    “Limited lines travel insurance producer” means, with respect to travel insurance:

        (1)    a licensed managing general agent; or

        (2)    a licensed insurance producer, including a limited lines insurance producer.

    (k)    “Offer and disseminate” means, with respect to limited lines travel insurance, to:

        (1)    provide general information, including a description of coverage and price;

        (2)    process applications; and

        (3)    collect premiums.

    (l)    (1)    “Title insurance producer” means a person that, for compensation, solicits, procures, or negotiates title insurance contracts.

        (2)    “Title insurance producer” includes a person that provides escrow, closing, or settlement services that may result in the issuance of a title insurance contract.

        (3)    “Title insurance producer” does not include:

            (i)    individuals employed and used by title insurance producers for the performance of clerical and similar office duties;

            (ii)    a financial institution as defined in § 1–101(i) of the Financial Institutions Article that does not solicit, procure, or negotiate title insurance contracts for compensation; or

            (iii)    a title insurance insurer that is licensed under this article.

    (m)    “Title insurance producer independent contractor” means a person that:

        (1)    is licensed to act as a title insurance producer;

        (2)    provides escrow, closing, or settlement services that may result in the issuance of a title insurance contract as an independent contractor for, or on behalf of, a licensed and appointed title insurance producer; and

        (3)    is not an employee of the licensed and appointed title insurance producer.

    (n)    “Trade name” means a name, symbol, or word, or combination of two or more of these that a person uses to:

        (1)    identify its business, occupation, or self in a business capacity; and

        (2)    be distinguished from another business, occupation, or person.

    (o)    (1)    “Travel insurance” means insurance coverage for personal risk incident to planned travel, including:

            (i)    interruption or cancellation of a trip or an event;

            (ii)    loss of baggage or personal effects;

            (iii)    damage to accommodations or a rental vehicle;

            (iv)    sickness, accident, disability, or death occurring during travel, if issued as incidental to the coverage provided by item (i), (ii), (iii), (v), (vi), or (vii) of this paragraph;

            (v)    emergency evacuation;

            (vi)    repatriation of remains; and

            (vii)    any other contractual obligations to indemnify or pay a specified amount to the traveler on determinable contingencies related to travel as the Commissioner approves.

        (2)    “Travel insurance” does not include a major medical plan that provides comprehensive medical protection for a traveler on a trip lasting 6 months or longer, such as an individual working outside the United States or military personnel being deployed.

    (p)    “Travel retailer” means a business entity that makes, arranges, or offers travel services.

    (q)    “Uniform application” means the current version of the NAIC uniform application for resident and nonresident insurance producer licensing.

    (r)    “Uniform business entity application” means the current version of the NAIC uniform business entity application for resident and nonresident business entities.

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