2013 Maryland Code
§ 4-205 - Powers and duties of county superintendent

MD Educ Code § 4-205 (2013) What's This?


(a) In addition to the other powers granted and duties imposed under this article, the county superintendent has the powers and duties set forth in this section.

(b) The county superintendent may administer oaths to witnesses in all appeals or cases that come before the county board.

(c) (1) Subject to the authority of the State Board under § 2-205(e) of this article, each county superintendent shall explain the true intent and meaning of:

(i) The school law; and

(ii) The applicable bylaws of the State Board.

(2) Subject to the provisions of § 6-203 and Title 6, Subtitle 4 of this article and without charge to the parties concerned, each county superintendent shall decide all controversies and disputes that involve:

(i) The rules and regulations of the county board; and

(ii) The proper administration of the county public school system.

(3) A decision of a county superintendent may be appealed to the county board if taken in writing within 30 days after the decision of the county superintendent. The decision may be further appealed to the State Board if taken in writing within 30 days after the decision of the county board.

(d) A contract made by a county board is not valid without the written approval of the county superintendent.

(e) (1) Acting as the executive officer of the county board, the county superintendent shall:

(i) Conduct all correspondence;

(ii) Receive all reports from principals and teachers; and

(iii) See that all reports are made and submitted properly.

(2) The county superintendent shall prepare and submit to the county board for adoption:

(i) All reports required of the county board by the State Board or the State Superintendent; and

(ii) The annual report to the people of the county required by § 5-111(b) of this article.

(f) The county superintendent:

(1) Shall advise teachers as to their further study and professional improvement;

(2) Shall develop a program of in-service training for all public school personnel; and

(3) May require attendance at an institution of higher education for future certification and professional improvement instead of in-service training.

(g) The county superintendent and his professional assistants shall:

(1) Visit the schools;

(2) Observe their management and instruction;

(3) Give suggestions for their improvement;

(4) Consult with and advise principals and teachers; and

(5) Try in every way to awaken public interest and improve educational conditions in the county.

(h) In accordance with the applicable rules and regulations of the State Board, the county superintendent periodically shall:

(1) Evaluate the program of instruction in the public schools of the county; and

(2) Report his findings and recommendations to the county board.

(i) The county superintendent shall prepare and recommend for adoption by the county board:

(1) Curriculum guides;

(2) Courses of study;

(3) Resource material; and

(4) Other teaching aids.

(j) (1) The county superintendent shall prepare lists of the following items needed by the schools:

(i) Textbooks;

(ii) Supplementary readers;

(iii) Materials of instruction;

(iv) Visual and auditory aids;

(v) Stationery and school supplies; and

(vi) School furniture, equipment, and apparatus.

(2) The county superintendent shall recommend the purchase and distribution of these items by the county board.

(k) The county superintendent shall:

(1) Take the initiative in the preparation and presentation of the annual school budget; and

(2) Seek in every way to secure adequate funds from local authorities for the support and development of the public schools in the county.

(l) (1) The county superintendent shall recommend to the county board:

(i) Condemnation of any school building that is unsanitary and unfit for use; and

(ii) Any repairs of or the purchase and sale of land, school sites, or buildings.

(2) Subject to the provisions of § 2-303(f) of this article that relate to approval by the State Superintendent, the county superintendent shall prepare all plans and specifications for remodeling an old building or constructing a new building.

(3) The county superintendent shall recommend to traffic safety officials of the State Highway Administration or of the county appropriate locations for posting flashing caution signs at or near the site of:

(i) A school;

(ii) School construction; or

(iii) School condemnation.

(m) The county superintendent shall provide the clerical help that is needed to issue work permits in accordance with § 3-206 of the Labor and Employment Article.

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