Maryland Transportation Section 21-903

Article - Transportation

§ 21-903.

      (a)      (1)      In this section the following words have the meanings indicated.

            (2)      "Alcoholic beverage" means a spirituous, vinous, malt, or fermented liquor, liquid, or compound that contains at least 0.5% alcohol by volume and is fit for beverage purposes.

            (3)      (i)      "Passenger area" means an area that:

                        1.      Is designed to seat the driver and any passenger of a motor vehicle while the motor vehicle is in operation; or

                        2.      Is readily accessible to the driver or a passenger of a motor vehicle while in their seating positions.

                  (ii)      "Passenger area" does not include:

                        1.      A locked glove compartment;

                        2.      The trunk of a motor vehicle; or

                        3.      If a motor vehicle is not equipped with a trunk, the area behind the rearmost upright seat or an area that is not normally occupied by the driver or a passenger of the motor vehicle.

      (b)      This section applies to a motor vehicle that is driven, stopped, standing, or otherwise located on a highway.

      (c)      A driver of a motor vehicle may not consume an alcoholic beverage in a passenger area of a motor vehicle on a highway.

      (d)      Notwithstanding Article 2B, Title 19 of the Code or any other provision of law, the prohibition contained in this section applies throughout the State.