Maryland Transportation Section 17-104

Article - Transportation

§ 17-104.

      (a)      The Administration may not issue or transfer the registration of a motor vehicle unless the owner or prospective owner of the vehicle furnishes evidence satisfactory to the Administration that the required security is in effect.

      (b)      The owner of a motor vehicle that is required to be registered in this State shall maintain the required security for the vehicle during the registration period.

      (c)      The Administration, in consultation with the Maryland Insurance Administration and representatives of the automobile insurance industry, shall adopt regulations that establish procedures to be used by an insurer to provide timely notification to an insured of the penalties that may be imposed in accordance with § 17-106 of this subtitle if the insured fails to renew or replace a policy of motor vehicle liability insurance without surrendering the evidences of registration.

      (d)      (1)      In this subsection, "replacement vehicle" means a vehicle that is loaned by an auto repair facility or a dealer, or that an individual rents temporarily, to use while a vehicle owned by the individual is not in use because of loss, as "loss" is defined in that individual's applicable private passenger automobile insurance policy or because of breakdown, repair, service, or damage.

            (2)      Subject to paragraph (3) of this subsection, an owner of a replacement vehicle may satisfy the requirement of subsection (a) of this section by maintaining the required security described in § 17-103 of this subtitle that is secondary to any other valid and collectible coverage and that extends coverage in amounts required under § 17-103(b) of this subtitle to the owner's vehicle while it is used as a replacement vehicle.

            (3)      If an owner of a replacement vehicle provides coverage as provided under paragraph (2) of this subsection, the agreement for the replacement vehicle to be signed by the renter or the individual to whom the vehicle is loaned shall contain a provision on the face of the agreement, in at least 10 point bold type, that informs the individual that the coverage on the vehicle being serviced or repaired is primary coverage for the replacement vehicle and the coverage maintained by the owner on the replacement vehicle is secondary.

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