Maryland Public Utility Companies Section 2-113

Article - Public Utility Companies

§ 2-113.

      (a)      (1)      The Commission shall:

                  (i)      supervise and regulate the public service companies subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission to:

                        1.      ensure their operation in the interest of the public; and

                        2.      promote adequate, economical, and efficient delivery of utility services in the State without unjust discrimination; and

                  (ii)      enforce compliance with the requirements of law by public service companies, including requirements with respect to financial condition, capitalization, franchises, plant, manner of operation, rates, and service.

            (2)      In supervising and regulating public service companies, the Commission shall consider the public safety, the economy of the State, the conservation of natural resources, and the preservation of environmental quality.

      (b)      The powers and duties listed in this title do not limit the scope of the general powers and duties of the Commission provided for by this article.

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