Maryland Public Safety Section 5-118

Article - Public Safety

§ 5-118.

      (a)      A firearm applicant shall:

            (1)      submit to a licensee or designated law enforcement agency a firearm application on the form that the Secretary provides; and

            (2)      pay to the licensee or designated law enforcement agency an application fee of $10.

      (b)      A firearm application shall contain:

            (1)      the firearm applicant's name, address, Social Security number, place and date of birth, height, weight, race, eye and hair color, signature, driver's or photographic identification soundex number, occupation, and regulated firearm information for each regulated firearm to be purchased, rented, or transferred;

            (2)      the date and time that the firearm applicant delivered the completed firearm application to the prospective seller or transferor; and

            (3)      a statement by the firearm applicant under the penalty of perjury that the firearm applicant:

                  (i)      is at least 21 years old;

                  (ii)      has never been convicted of a disqualifying crime;

                  (iii)      has never been convicted of a violation classified as a common law crime and received a term of imprisonment of more than 2 years;

                  (iv)      is not a fugitive from justice;

                  (v)      is not a habitual drunkard;

                  (vi)      is not addicted to a controlled dangerous substance or is not a habitual user;

                  (vii)      has never spent more than 30 consecutive days in a medical institution for treatment of a mental disorder, unless a physician's certificate issued within 30 days before the date of application is attached to the application, certifying that the firearm applicant is capable of possessing a regulated firearm without undue danger to the firearm applicant or to another;

                  (viii)      is not a respondent against whom a current non ex parte civil protective order has been entered under § 4-506 of the Family Law Article;

                  (ix)      if under the age of 30 years at the time of application, has not been adjudicated delinquent by a juvenile court for an act that would be a disqualifying crime if committed by an adult; and

                  (x)      subject to § 5-119 of this subtitle, has completed a certified firearms safety training course that the Police Training Commission conducts without charge or that meets the standards that the Police Training Commission establishes under § 3-207 of this article.

      (c)      Each firearm application shall contain the following statement: "Any false information supplied or statement made in this application is a crime which may be punished by imprisonment for a period of not more than 3 years, or a fine of not more than $5,000, or both.".

      (d)      If the firearm applicant is a corporation, a corporate officer who is a resident of the State shall complete and execute the firearm application.

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