Maryland Labor and Employment Section 8-903

Article - Labor and Employment

§ 8-903.

      (a)      (1)      Except as otherwise provided in this section, to be eligible for benefits an individual shall be:

                  (i)      able to work;

                  (ii)      available for work; and

                  (iii)      actively seeking work.

            (2)      In determining whether an individual actively is seeking work, the Secretary shall consider:

                  (i)      whether the individual has made an effort that is reasonable and that would be expected of an unemployed individual who honestly is looking for work; and

                  (ii)      the extent of the effort in relation to the labor market conditions in the area in which the individual is seeking work.

      (b)      The Secretary may not use the disability of a qualified individual with a disability as a factor in finding that an individual is not able to work under subsection (a)(1)(i) of this section.

      (c)      Notwithstanding any other provision of this section or § 8-904 or § 8-907(a) or (b) of this subtitle, an individual who otherwise is eligible to receive benefits and who is in training with the approval of the Secretary may not be denied benefits:

            (1)      for failure to meet the requirements of subsection (a)(1)(ii) and (iii) of this section to be available for work and actively seeking work; or

            (2)      for failure to apply for or refusal to accept suitable work under § 8-1005 of this title.