Maryland Insurance Section 25-301

Article - Insurance

§ 25-301.

      (a)      In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

      (b)      "Administrator" means a person engaged by a workers' compensation self-insurance group to carry out the policies established by the self-insurance group and to provide management of the self-insurance group.

      (c)      "Insolvent self-insurance group" means a self-insurance group in which each individual member of the group is unable to meet the member's debts as they mature in the ordinary course of business, as determined by the Commissioner.

      (d)      "Self-insurance agreement" means the partnership arrangement between the members of a self-insurance group that defines the rights, obligations, and liabilities of the members of the self-insurance group.

      (e)      (1)      "Self-insurance group" means two or more employers organized in accordance with this subtitle.

            (2)      "Self-insurance group" does not include a governmental self-insurance group organized under § 9-404 of the Labor and Employment Article.