Maryland Health Occupations Section 14-101

Article - Health Occupations

§ 14-101.

      (a)      In this title the following words have the meanings indicated.

      (b)      "Board" means the State Board of Physicians.

      (c)      "Civil action" includes a health care malpractice claim under Title 3, Subtitle 2A of the Courts Article.

      (d)      "Faculty" means the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland.

      (e)      "Hospital" has the meaning stated in § 19-301 of the Health - General Article.

      (f)      "License" means, unless the context requires otherwise, a license issued by the Board to practice medicine.

      (g)      "Licensed physician" means, unless the context requires otherwise, a physician, including a doctor of osteopathy, who is licensed by the Board to practice medicine.

      (h)      "Licensee" means an individual to whom a license is issued, including an individual practicing medicine within or as a professional corporation or professional association.

      (i)      "Perform acupuncture" means to stimulate a certain point or points on or near the surface of the human body by the insertion of needles to prevent or modify the perception of pain or to normalize physiological functions, including pain control, for the treatment of ailments or conditions of the body.

      (j)      "Physician" means an individual who practices medicine.

      (k)      "Physician Rehabilitation Committee" means the committee of the entity or entities with whom the Board contracts under § 14-401(e) of this title that evaluates and provides assistance to impaired physicians in need of treatment and rehabilitation for alcoholism, chemical dependency, or other physical, emotional, or mental conditions.

      (l)      (1)      "Practice medicine" means to engage, with or without compensation, in medical:

                  (i)      Diagnosis;

                  (ii)      Healing;

                  (iii)      Treatment; or

                  (iv)      Surgery.

            (2)      "Practice medicine" includes doing, undertaking, professing to do, and attempting any of the following:

                  (i)      Diagnosing, healing, treating, preventing, prescribing for, or removing any physical, mental, or emotional ailment or supposed ailment of an individual:

                        1.      By physical, mental, emotional, or other process that is exercised or invoked by the practitioner, the patient, or both; or

                        2.      By appliance, test, drug, operation, or treatment;

                  (ii)      Ending of a human pregnancy; and

                  (iii)      Performing acupuncture.

            (3)      "Practice medicine" does not include:

                  (i)      Selling any nonprescription drug or medicine;

                  (ii)      Practicing as an optician; or

                  (iii)      Performing a massage or other manipulation by hand, but by no other means.

      (m)      "Related institution" has the meaning stated in § 19-301 of the Health - General Article.