Maryland Health - General Section 18-201

Article - Health - General

§ 18-201.

      (a)      A physician with reason to suspect that a patient under the physician's care has an infectious or contagious disease except human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome that endangers public health shall submit immediately a report to the health officer for the county where the physician cares for that patient.

      (b)      The report shall:

            (1)      Be on the form that the Secretary provides;

            (2)      Identify the disease or suspected disease;

            (3)      State the name, age, race, sex, and residence address of the patient; and

            (4)      Be signed by the physician.

      (c)      (1)      All physician reports required under this section are:

                  (i)      Confidential;

                  (ii)      Not open to public inspection; and

                  (iii)      Subject to subpoena or discovery in any criminal or civil proceeding only pursuant to a court order sealing the court record.

            (2)      This subsection does not apply to a disclosure by the Secretary to another governmental agency performing its lawful duties as authorized by an act of the Maryland General Assembly or the United States Congress where the Secretary determines that:

                  (i)      The agency to whom the information is disclosed will maintain the confidentiality of the disclosure; and

                  (ii)      The disclosure is necessary to protect the public health or to prevent the spread of an infectious or contagious disease.

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