Maryland Election Law Section 8-103

Article - Election Law

§ 8-103.

      (a)      In the event of a state of emergency, declared by the Governor in accordance with the provisions of law, that interferes with the electoral process, the emergency proclamation may:

            (1)      provide for the postponement, until a specific date, of the election in part or all of the State;

            (2)      specify alternate voting locations; or

            (3)      specify alternate voting systems.

      (b)      (1)      If emergency circumstances, not constituting a declared state of emergency, interfere with the electoral process, the State Board or a local board, after conferring with the State Board, may petition a circuit court to take any action the court considers necessary to provide a remedy that is in the public interest and protects the integrity of the electoral process.

            (2)      The State Board shall develop guidelines concerning methods for addressing possible emergency situations.