Maryland Election Law Section 12-106

Article - Election Law

§ 12-106.

      (a)      In accordance with regulations adopted by the State Board, the local board shall:

            (1)      conduct the recount and certify the official result of the election or question which is the subject of the recount; and

            (2)      ensure the public's ability to be present while the recount is conducted.

      (b)      The State Board shall monitor and support the work of any local board conducting a recount to ensure compliance with this subtitle.

      (c)      The State Board shall establish a procedure that will allow petitioners and counterpetitioners to request that a recount be terminated prior to its completion.

      (d)      When a recount is completed, the local board, and when appropriate the State Board, shall correct the primary, general, or special election returns and certificates that were made by a canvassing board.