Maryland Commercial Law Section 15-601.1

Article - Commercial Law

§ 15-601.1.

      (a)      In this section, "disposable wages" means the part of wages that remain after deduction of any amount required to be withheld by law.

      (b)      The following are exempt from attachment:

            (1)      Except as provided in item (2) of this subsection, the greater of:

                  (i)      The product of $145 multiplied by the number of weeks in which the wages due were earned; or

                  (ii)      75 percent of the disposable wages due;

            (2)      In Caroline, Kent, Queen Anne's, and Worcester counties, for each workweek, the greater of:

                  (i)      75 percent of the disposable wages due; or

                  (ii)      30 times the federal minimum hourly wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act in effect at the time the wages are due; and

            (3)      Any medical insurance payment deducted from an employee's wages by the employer.

      (c)      The amount subject to attachment shall be calculated per pay period.