Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings Section 5-301

Article - Courts and Judicial Proceedings

§ 5-301.

      (a)      In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

      (b)      "Actual malice" means ill will or improper motivation.

      (c)      (1)      "Employee" means any person who was employed by a local government at the time of the act or omission giving rise to potential liability against that person.

            (2)      "Employee" includes:

                  (i)      Any employee, either within or without a classified service or merit system;

                  (ii)      An appointed or elected official; or

                  (iii)      A volunteer who, at the request of the local government, and under its control and direction, was providing services or performing duties.

      (d)      "Local government" means:

            (1)      A chartered county established under Article 25A of the Code;

            (2)      A code county established under Article 25B of the Code;

            (3)      A board of county commissioners established or operating under Article 25 of the Code;

            (4)      Baltimore City;

            (5)      A municipal corporation established or operating under Article 23A of the Code;

            (6)      The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission;

            (7)      The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission;

            (8)      The Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority;

            (9)      A community college or board of trustees for a community college established or operating under Title 16 of the Education Article, not including Baltimore City Community College;

            (10)      A county public library or board of trustees of a county public library established or operating under Title 23, Subtitle 4 of the Education Article;

            (11)      The Enoch Pratt Free Library or Board of Trustees of the Enoch Pratt Free Library;

            (12)      The Washington County Free Library or the Board of Trustees of the Washington County Free Library;

            (13)      A special taxing district;

            (14)      A nonprofit community service corporation incorporated under State law that is authorized to collect charges or assessments;

            (15)      Housing authorities created under Article 44A of the Code;

            (16)      A sanitary district, sanitary commission, metropolitan commission, or other sewer or water authority established or operating under public local law or public general law;

            (17)      The Baltimore Metropolitan Council;

            (18)      The Howard County Economic Development Authority;

            (19)      The Howard County Mental Health Authority;

            (20)      A commercial district management authority established by a county or municipal corporation if provided under local law;

            (21)      The Baltimore City Police Department;

            (22)      A regional library resource center or a cooperative library corporation established under Title 23, Subtitle 2 of the Education Article; and

            (23)      Lexington Market, Inc., in Baltimore City.