Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings Section 5-1102

Article - Courts and Judicial Proceedings

§ 5-1102.

      (a)      A direct or indirect transfer of structured settlement payment rights to a transferee is effective as provided in this subtitle.

      (b)      A structured settlement obligor or annuity issuer may not make any payment directly or indirectly to a transferee of structured settlement payment rights unless the transfer is authorized in an order of a court based on a finding that:

            (1)      The transfer is necessary, reasonable, or appropriate;

            (2)      The transfer is not expected to subject the payee, the payee's dependents, or both, to undue or unreasonable financial hardship in the future;

            (3)      The payee received independent professional advice regarding the legal, tax, and financial implications of the transfer; and

            (4)      The transferee disclosed to the payee the discounted present value.

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