Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings Section 12-303

Article - Courts and Judicial Proceedings

§ 12-303.

      A party may appeal from any of the following interlocutory orders entered by a circuit court in a civil case:

            (1)      An order entered with regard to the possession of property with which the action is concerned or with reference to the receipt or charging of the income, interest, or dividends therefrom, or the refusal to modify, dissolve, or discharge such an order;

            (2)      An order granting or denying a motion to quash a writ of attachment; and

            (3)      An order:

                  (i)      Granting or dissolving an injunction, but if the appeal is from an order granting an injunction, only if the appellant has first filed his answer in the cause;

                  (ii)      Refusing to dissolve an injunction, but only if the appellant has first filed his answer in the cause;

                  (iii)      Refusing to grant an injunction; and the right of appeal is not prejudiced by the filing of an answer to the bill of complaint or petition for an injunction on behalf of any opposing party, nor by the taking of depositions in reference to the allegations of the bill of complaint to be read on the hearing of the application for an injunction;

                  (iv)      Appointing a receiver but only if the appellant has first filed his answer in the cause;

                  (v)      For the sale, conveyance, or delivery of real or personal property or the payment of money, or the refusal to rescind or discharge such an order, unless the delivery or payment is directed to be made to a receiver appointed by the court;

                  (vi)      Determining a question of right between the parties and directing an account to be stated on the principle of such determination;

                  (vii)      Requiring bond from a person to whom the distribution or delivery of property is directed, or withholding distribution or delivery and ordering the retention or accumulation of property by the fiduciary or its transfer to a trustee or receiver, or deferring the passage of the court's decree in an action under Title 10, Chapter 600 of the Maryland Rules;

                  (viii)      Deciding any question in an insolvency proceeding brought under Title 15, Subtitle 1 of the Commercial Law Article;

                  (ix)      Granting a petition to stay arbitration pursuant to § 3-208 of this article;

                  (x)      Depriving a parent, grandparent, or natural guardian of the care and custody of his child, or changing the terms of such an order; and

                  (xi)      Denying immunity asserted under § 5-525 or § 5-526 of this article.

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