Maryland Business Occupations and Professions Section 10-215

Article - Business Occupations and Professions

§ 10-215.

      (a)      Subject to subsections (b) and (c) of this section, on a motion filed as required by rules adopted by the Court of Appeals, a court may grant special admission to practice law in a particular case to an individual who is:

            (1)      admitted to the bar of another state; and

            (2)      employed by a party in the case before:

                  (i)      a court or other unit of the State government; or

                  (ii)      a unit of a political subdivision of the State.

      (b)      A special admission to practice law may be granted only:

            (1)      by the court hearing the case for which an individual requests the special admission; or

            (2)      if the case is before a unit other than a court, by:

                  (i)      the circuit court for the county where the unit has its principal office; or

                  (ii)      any circuit court to which the case may be appealed.

      (c)      An individual may practice law under this section only in connection with the case for which the special admission is granted.

      (d)      An individual who practices law under this section is subject to disciplinary proceedings as the Maryland Rules provide.