2018 Louisiana Laws
Revised Statutes
TITLE 15 - Criminal Procedure
RS 15:561.5 - Conditions of supervised release

Universal Citation: LA Rev Stat § 15:561.5 (2018)

§561.5. Conditions of supervised release

A person placed on supervised release shall comply with the following conditions:

(1) Report immediately to the division of probation and parole office, Department of Public Safety and Corrections, which is listed on the face of the certificate of supervised release.

(2) Establish a schedule of a minimum of one meeting per month with his supervised release officer to provide the officer with his current address, electronic mail address or addresses, instant message name or names, date of birth, place of employment, and verification of compliance with all registration and notification requirements of a sex offender as required by law.

(3) Be subject to periodic visits with his supervising officers without prior notice.

(4) Abide by any curfew set by his supervising officers.

(5) Refrain from using or possessing any controlled dangerous substance or alcoholic beverage and submit, at his own expense, to screening, evaluation, and treatment for controlled dangerous substances or alcohol abuse as directed by his supervising officers.

(6) Refrain from purchasing or possessing any pornographic or sexually explicit materials. "Pornographic or sexually explicit materials" means any paper, magazine, book, newspaper, periodical, pamphlet, composition, publication, photograph, drawing, picture, poster, motion picture film, video tape, figure, phonograph record, album, cassette, wire or tape recording, compact disc, digital versatile disc, digital video disc, or any other form of visual technology or other similar tangible work or thing which is devoted to or principally consists of descriptions or depictions of illicit sex or sexual immorality, the graphic depiction of sex, including but not limited to the visual depiction of sexual activity or nudity, ultimate sexual acts, normal or perverted, actual, simulated, or animated, whether between human beings, animals, or an animal and a human being.

(7) Report to the supervised release officer when directed to do so.

(8) Not associate with persons known to be engaged in criminal activities or with persons known to have been convicted of a felony without written permission of his supervised release officer.

(9) In all respects, conduct himself honorably, work diligently at a lawful occupation, and support his dependents, if any, to the best of his ability.

(10) Promptly and truthfully answer all inquiries directed to him by the supervised release officer.

(11) Live and remain at liberty and refrain from engaging in any type of criminal conduct.

(12) Not have in his possession or control any firearms or dangerous weapons.

(13) Submit himself to available medical, psychiatric, or mental health examination and treatment for persons convicted of sex offenses when deemed appropriate and ordered to do so by the supervised release officer.

(14) Defray the cost, or any portion thereof, of his supervised release by making payments to the Department of Public Safety and Corrections in a sum and manner determined by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, based upon his ability to pay.

(15) Submit a residence plan for approval by the supervised release officer.

(16) Submit himself or herself to continued supervision, either in person or through remote monitoring, of all of the following Internet related activities:

(a) The person's incoming and outgoing electronic mail and other Internet-based communications.

(b) The person's history of websites visited and the content accessed.

(c) The periodic unannounced inspection of the contents of the person's computer or any other computerized device or portable media device and the removal of such information, computer, computer device or portable media device to conduct a more thorough inspection.

(17) Comply with such other specific conditions as are appropriate, stated directly, and without ambiguity so as to be understandable to a reasonable man.

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