2011 Louisiana Laws
Revised Statutes
TITLE 39 — Public finance
RS 39:1800.28 — Bonds

LA Rev Stat § 39:1800.28 What's This?

§1800.28. Bonds

A. The corporation is authorized, from time to time, to issue its bonds in order to provide for achieving any of its purposes under this Chapter.

B. Except as may otherwise be expressly provided by this corporation, each of its bonds shall be payable from lawfully available funds, including but not limited to any revenues or monies of the corporation available therefor and not otherwise pledged, subject only to any agreements with the holders of particular bonds pledging any particular revenues or monies. Such bonds shall be and are deemed to be for all purposes negotiable instruments, subject only to the provisions of such bonds for registration.

C.(1) The corporation's bonds may be issued as serial bonds or as term bonds, or the corporation, in its discretion, may issue bonds of both types. The issuance of all bonds shall be authorized by resolution of the board of directors and shall bear such date or dates, mature at such time or times, not exceeding forty years from their respective dates, bear interest at such rate or rates, be payable at such time or times, be in such denominations, be in such form, carry such registration privileges, be executed in such manner, be payable in lawful money of the United States of America at such place or places, and be subject to such terms of redemption, as the indenture, trust agreement, or resolution relating to such bonds may provide. The corporation's bonds may be sold by the corporation at public or private sale, for such price or prices and upon such terms and conditions as the corporation shall determine. The corporation may sell any bonds at a price below the par value thereof; provided, however, that the discount shall not exceed six percent of the par value thereof. Pending preparation of the definitive bonds, the corporation may issue interim receipts or certificates or temporary bonds which shall be exchanged for such definitive bonds.

(2) Bonds of the corporation shall not be invalid because of any irregularity or defect in the proceedings or in the issuance and sale thereof and shall be incontestable in the hands of a bona fide purchaser or holder. The corporation, after authorizing the issuance of bonds by resolution, shall publish once in a newspaper of general circulation in the parish in which the corporation is domiciled, a notice of intention to issue the bonds. The notice shall include a description of the bonds and the security therefor. Within thirty days after the publication, any person in interest may contest the legality of the resolution, any provision of the bonds to be issued pursuant to it, the provisions securing the bonds, and the validity of all other provisions and proceedings relating to the authorization and issuance of the bonds. If no action or proceeding is instituted within the thirty days, no person may contest the validity of the bonds, the provisions of the resolution pursuant to which the bonds were issued, the security of the bonds, or the validity of any other provisions or proceedings relating to their authorization and issuance, and the bonds shall be presumed conclusively to be legal. Thereafter, no court shall have authority to inquire into such matters.

D. Any resolution or resolutions authorizing the issuance of any bonds or any issue of bonds may contain provisions, which shall be part of the contract with the holders of the bonds so authorized, as to pledging or assigning all or any part of the revenues of a project or any revenue-producing contract or contracts made by the corporation with any agency, department, corporation, or other person, public or private, to secure the payment of the bonds or of any particular issue of bonds.

E. Neither the members of the board of directors of the corporation or any person executing the bonds shall be liable personally on the bonds or be subject to any personal liability or accountability by reason of the issuance thereof.

Acts 2010, No. 556, §1.

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