2011 Louisiana Laws
Revised Statutes
TITLE 37 — Professions and occupations
RS 37:3283 — Security officer and security operations manager registrant; card; application; qualifications; investigation; denial, suspension, or revocation; validity; renewal; change of address

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§3283. Security officer and security operations manager registrant; card; application; qualifications; investigation; denial, suspension, or revocation; validity; renewal; change of address

A.(1) Each person who performs the functions and duties of a security officer or security operations manager within this state as defined in this Chapter shall apply to the board for a registration card.

(2) The portion of the board application indicating temporary registration shall be carried by the applicant when he is within the scope of his employment until such time as he receives his permanent registration card from the board.

(3) Individuals required to obtain a registration card under this Chapter shall file for a registration card and, upon completion thereof, the licensee shall immediately forward the application to the board.

(4)(a) Every applicant for a registration card shall make and deliver to the licensee a sworn application in writing upon a form prescribed by the board.

(b) The board shall prescribe by rule the form for such application and procedures for their submission, consideration and disposition, including the fee to accompany the application.

(c) To be eligible to apply for a registration card an individual shall have the same qualifications required of an applicant provided in R.S. 37:3276 but may be a resident alien.

B. Every person required to be registered by the board shall carry his registration card when performing the duties for which he is registered, and it shall be exhibited upon request by any authorized representative of the board or any law enforcement officer. The registration card shall entitle the registrant to perform the duties as described therein as long as the registrant maintains his eligibility under the provisions of this Chapter.

C. The registration card shall bear the name or license number of the employer, an identifying number, photograph, and any other identifying data required by the board. The board shall promulgate rules, in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, to create a separate style of registration card for each class of registrant, security officer, or security operations manager to clearly indicate the extent of authority granted by possession of the registration card.

D. After receipt of an application for a registration card, the board shall conduct an investigation to determine whether the facts set forth in the application are true. Actions by the board to approve or deny an application for a registration card shall be the same as that action taken to deny or approve an application for license as provided in R.S. 37:3279.

E.(1) If the board denies, suspends, or revokes a registration card, the cardholder, upon receipt of the notice of denial, suspension, or revocation, shall immediately cease to perform the duties for which he is registered, unless specifically authorized to continue work by order of the board, or by a court of competent jurisdiction within the state.

(2) Both the cardholder and the employer shall be notified by the board of its final action to deny, suspend, or revoke a registration card.

F.(1) Registration cards issued by the board shall be valid for a period of two years. The registrant shall be required to advise the board of any changes in his status or permanent address during the valid period. The cardholder shall file a registration card renewal form with the board not less than thirty days prior to the expiration of the card, together with the fee for renewal. The renewal application shall include a statement by the registrant that the registrant continues to meet the qualifications as set forth by the board.

(2) The board may refuse to renew a registration card, and shall promptly notify the cardholder of its intent to refuse to renew. The cardholder, within fifteen days after receipt of such notice, may request a hearing on such refusal, in the same manner and in accordance with the same procedure as that provided in R.S. 37:3279.

(3) A licensee or employer shall notify the board within ten days after the death or termination of employment of any of its employees who are registrants. Licensees or employers subject to this Chapter shall notify the board within ten days upon receipt of information relating to a registrant's loss of eligibility to hold such a card.

G.(1) Any individual who changes his permanent residence to this state from any other state which the board determines has selection, training, and all other similar requirements at least equal to those required under this Chapter, and who holds a valid registration, commission, identification, or similar card issued by said other state through a licensee which is licensed by this state, and who wishes to continue to be employed by said licensee, may apply for a registration card on a form prescribed by the board upon the payment of a transfer fee. Upon certification by said licensee that such individual has completed the training prescribed by said state, the board shall issue the individual a registration card.

(2) If a person who holds a registration card terminates employment with one employer and is reemployed within thirty calendar days, the new employer, within twenty days of such reemployment shall submit to the board a reapplication on a form prescribed by the board, together with a reapplication fee paid by the new employer. The board shall then issue a new registration card reflecting the name or license number, or both, of the new employer.

(3) The holder of a registration card who terminates employment shall surrender within forty-eight hours the registration card to the former employer. The employer shall return the cancelled registration card to the board within ten calendar days of effective termination date.

H. A registration card shall be subject to expiration and renewal during the period in which the holder of the card is subject to an order of suspension.

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