2011 Louisiana Laws
Revised Statutes
TITLE 18 — Louisiana election code
RS 18:571 — Counting and tabulating the votes

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§571. Counting and tabulating the votes

A. At the termination of voting in a primary or general election, the commissioners shall announce that voting is terminated. The commissioners in the presence of the watchers shall immediately:

(1) Secure the voting machines against further voting and expose the count on the voting machines, leaving the counter in full view of the watchers.

(2)(a) Cause each voting machine to produce a set of four identical official election results reports.

(b) Examine, sign, and certify each set of official election results reports.

(c) If a voting machine produces a set of official election results reports which is illegible or damaged, notify the parish custodian of voting machines, who shall provide technical assistance in obtaining the election results from such machine.

(3)(a) Complete in triplicate Certificate No. 2 of the composite certificate designated "Machine Certificates", which shall state (i) that the voting machines were secured against further voting, (ii) the exact time the voting machines were secured against further voting, (iii) the number on each voting machine, (iv) the number shown on the public counter of each voting machine, which shall be the total number of voters casting votes on that machine in the election, and (v) the number shown on the protective counter of each voting machine, which shall be the total number of times the machine has been voted in its lifetime.

(b) Sign the completed machine certificates.

(4) Sign and certify to the correctness of the duplicate poll lists.

(5) Announce the results of the election in the order the offices, candidates, and propositions are listed on the ballot, announce that the results of the election will be posted at the polling place for public review, and post the results of the election at a conspicuous place at the polling place for public viewing.

(6) Complete in duplicate the payroll affidavit. The payroll affidavit shall contain the name, address, and social security number of each commissioner and the commissioner-in-charge who served at the polling place and shall be signed by each commissioner and the commissioner-in-charge.

(7) Place the duplicate payroll affidavit, all duplicate records of challenges, all duplicate precinct register corrections, all voter identification affidavits, any physicians' certificates, and any address confirmation cards in the envelope marked "Registrar of Voters", seal it and attach it to the precinct register, and seal the precinct register.

(8) Seal any original precinct register corrections and original challenges of voters that have been executed, the official election zero proof report, one copy of the official election results reports, one of the duplicate poll lists, and a copy of the machine certificates in the envelope marked "Put in Voting Machine" and place in or attach to a voting machine that envelope and the sealed precinct register.

(9)(a) Lock the doors of the voting machines.

(b) Secure the voting machines and election paraphernalia in accordance with the procedures in the informational pamphlet as provided in R.S. 18:553.1.

(10) Place the keys to the voting machines in an envelope, which then shall be sealed and signed by all of the commissioners.

B. The official election zero proof reports and the official election results reports from each voting machine shall be the official election results and shall form a part of the official election returns.

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