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Download as PDF IC 2-7-1.6 Chapter 1.6. Indiana Lobby Registration Commission IC 2-7-1.6-0.3 Rules and policies adopted before July 1, 1992 continue in force until modified by commission Sec. 0.3. Any written rules or policies adopted by the secretary of state to administer this article before July 1, 1992, continue in force until rescinded or modified by the legislative ethics commission (now the Indiana lobby registration commission) established by IC 2-7-1.6, as added by P.L.3-1992. As added by P.L.220-2011, SEC.9. IC 2-7-1.6-1 Establishment Sec. 1. (a) The Indiana lobby registration commission is established. (b) The commission is a separate and an independent agency within the legislative branch of state government. (c) The commission shall administer this article. As added by P.L.3-1992, SEC.6. Amended by P.L.9-1993, SEC.6. IC 2-7-1.6-2 Membership Sec. 2. (a) The commission consists of four (4) members. The president pro tempore of the senate, the minority floor leader of the senate, the speaker of the house of representatives, and the minority floor leader of the house of representatives shall each appoint one (1) member. (b) Not more than two (2) of the four (4) members may hold the same political affiliation. (c) An incumbent legislator or lobbyist may not be appointed as a member of the commission. As added by P.L.3-1992, SEC.6. IC 2-7-1.6-3 Terms; vacancies Sec. 3. (a) Each member of the commission serves for a term of four (4) years, beginning January 1. (b) Members of the commission may be reappointed to successive terms. (c) The appropriate appointing authority shall fill a vacancy on the commission for the duration of the unexpired term. As added by P.L.3-1992, SEC.6. IC 2-7-1.6-4 Chairman Sec. 4. A chairman shall be selected for the commission to serve Indiana Code 2016 for a term of one (1) year. The chairman's term begins January 1. The chairman to serve in even-numbered years shall be designated by the president pro tempore of the senate, and the chairman to serve in odd-numbered years shall be designated by the speaker of the house of representatives. As added by P.L.3-1992, SEC.6. IC 2-7-1.6-5 Powers and duties Sec. 5. (a) The commission has the powers and duties specified in this article. (b) The commission may do the following: (1) Hold meetings as necessary. (2) Make recommendations to the general assembly concerning administration of this article. (3) Subject to IC 2-7-7, receive and hear any complaint alleging a violation of this article. (4) Obtain information relevant to an audit conducted or a complaint filed under this article. (5) Administer oaths. (6) Act as an advisory body by providing advisory opinions to lobbyists on questions relating to the requirements of this article. (7) Establish qualifications for and employ the personnel required to implement this article. (8) Adopt rules and procedures necessary or appropriate to carry out its duties. (9) Make reasonable and necessary expenditures of money appropriated to the commission. (10) Do other things necessary and proper: (A) to implement this article; or (B) as requested by the general assembly or the legislative council. As added by P.L.3-1992, SEC.6. Amended by P.L.9-1993, SEC.7. IC 2-7-1.6-6 Majority vote Sec. 6. The vote of at least three (3) members is required for the commission to take official action. As added by P.L.3-1992, SEC.6. IC 2-7-1.6-7 Per diem; mileage; travel allowances Sec. 7. When the commission meets, each member is entitled to receive the same per diem, mileage, and travel allowances approved by the legislative council for lay members serving on interim study committees established by the legislative council. As added by P.L.3-1992, SEC.6. Indiana Code 2016 IC 2-7-1.6-8 Repealed (Repealed by P.L.9-1993, SEC.18.) IC 2-7-1.6-9 Application of chapter to legislative ethics committees Sec. 9. This chapter does not affect the committees established under IC 2-2.2-3. As added by P.L.3-1992, SEC.6. Amended by P.L.123-2015, SEC.8. Indiana Code 2016

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