2012 Indiana Code

IC 33-32-3
Chapter 3. Record Keeping Duties

IC 33-32-3-1
Sec. 1. (a) The clerk shall endorse the time of filing on each writing required to be filed in the office of the clerk.
(b) The clerk shall carefully preserve in the office of the clerk all records and writings pertaining to the clerk's official duties.
(c) The clerk shall procure, at the expense of the county, all necessary judges' appearance, bar, judgment, and execution dockets, order books, and final record books.
(d) The clerk shall:
(1) attend, in person or by deputy, the circuit court of the county; and
(2) enter in proper record books all orders, judgments, and decrees of the court.
(e) Not more than fifteen (15) days after the cases are finally determined, the clerk shall enter in final record books a complete record of:
(1) all cases involving the title to land;
(2) all criminal cases in which the punishment is death or imprisonment, except where a nolle prosequi is entered or an acquittal is had; and
(3) all other cases, at the request of either party and upon payment of the costs.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.11.

IC 33-32-3-2
Circuit court judgment docket
Sec. 2. (a) The clerk shall keep a circuit court judgment docket.
(b) Upon the filing in the office of the clerk a statement or transcript of any judgment for the recovery of money or costs, the clerk shall enter, and index in alphabetical order, in this judgment docket a statement of the judgment showing the following:
(1) The names of all the parties.
(2) The name of the court.
(3) The number of the cause.
(4) The book and page of the record in which the judgment is recorded.
(5) The date the judgment is entered and indexed.
(6) The date of the rendition of judgment.
(7) The amount of the judgment and the amount of costs.
(c) If a judgment is against several persons, the statement required to be entered under subsection (b) shall be repeated under the name of each judgment debtor in alphabetical order.
(d) A person interested in any judgment for money or costs that has been rendered by any state court, or by any federal court of general original jurisdiction sitting in Indiana, may have the judgment entered upon the circuit court judgment docket by filing

with the clerk:
(1) a statement setting forth the facts required under subsection (b); or
(2) a transcript of the judgment;
certified under the hand and seal of the court that rendered the judgment.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.11.

IC 33-32-3-3
Circuit court judgment docket; public record
Sec. 3. The circuit court judgment docket is a public record that is open during the usual hours of transacting business for examination by any person.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.11.

IC 33-32-3-4
Entering judgments and releases
Sec. 4. A clerk shall:
(1) enter a judgment or recognizance not more than fifteen (15) days after its rendition; or
(2) cause a release of judgment to be entered on the judgment docket not more than fifteen (15) days after satisfaction of the judgment.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.11.

IC 33-32-3-5
Execution docket
Sec. 5. (a) The clerk shall keep an execution docket.
(b) The clerk shall enter all executions on the execution docket as they are issued by the clerk, specifying in proper columns the following information:
(1) The names of the parties.
(2) The amount of the judgment and the interest due upon the issuing of the execution.
(3) The costs.
The clerk shall also prepare an additional column in which the clerk shall enter the return of the sheriff.
(c) The execution docket entries may be inspected and copied under IC 5-14-3-3.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.11.

IC 33-32-3-6

Monthly reports; certified copies; forms
Sec. 6. (a) Before the twenty-fifth day of each month, the clerk shall prepare a report showing as of the close of business on the last day of the preceding month the following information:
(1) The balance, if any, of fees payable to the county.
(2) Fees collected for fish and game licenses.
(3) Trust funds held, including payments collected for support.
(4) The total of the balances of all fees and funds. (5) The record balance of money in each depository at the end of the month.
(6) The cash in the office at the close of the last day of the month.
(7) Any other items for which the clerk of the circuit court is entitled to credit.
(8) The total amount of cash in each depository at the close of business on the last day of the month.
(9) The total of checks issued against each depository that are outstanding at the end of the month and unpaid by the depositories.
(b) The clerk shall:
(1) retain one (1) copy as a public record of the clerk's office; and
(2) file three (3) copies with the county auditor, who shall:
(A) present one (1) copy to the board of commissioners of the county at its next regular meeting; and
(B) transmit one (1) copy to the state board of accounts.
Each copy of the report must be verified by the certification of the clerk. The clerk shall file the original with the county auditor, who shall file it with the records of the county board of finance.
(c) The state board of accounts shall prescribe forms for the clerk's monthly reports.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.11.

IC 33-32-3-7
Register of fees
Sec. 7. (a) The clerk shall keep a register of witness fees and other court fees.
(b) When the clerk receives money in payment of court fees or fees for a witness or any other person, the clerk shall make an entry into the register recording the receipt of the payment.
(c) The register must contain the following information:
(1) The names, in alphabetical order, of persons for whom payment has been received.
(2) The cause for which the fee is paid.
(3) In which fee book and on which page the fee is taxed.
(4) The amount paid.
(5) When the fee was paid in and when it was paid out.
(d) The register must be open for inspection at all times in a conspicuous place in the clerk's office.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.11.

IC 33-32-3-8
Delivery of records, books, and papers to successor
Sec. 8. At the end of the clerk's term, the clerk shall deliver to the clerk's successor all the records, books, and papers belonging to the clerk's office.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.11.
IC 33-32-3-9
Appropriation for blank books and stationery
Sec. 9. The county council shall appropriate reasonable sums to the clerk for necessary blank books and stationery.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.11.

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