2012 Indiana Code

IC 25-8-5
Chapter 5. Cosmetology School Licenses

IC 25-8-5-1
Issuance of license
Sec. 1. The board may issue a license under this article to operate a cosmetology school.
As added by P.L.257-1987, SEC.4.

IC 25-8-5-2
Application; form
Sec. 2. A person must file a verified application for a cosmetology school license with the board on a form prescribed by the board to obtain that license.
As added by P.L.257-1987, SEC.4.

IC 25-8-5-3
Contents of application
Sec. 3. The application described in section 2 of this chapter must state that:
(1) as a requirement for graduation, the proposed school will require its students to successfully complete at least the one thousand five hundred (1,500) hours of course work required to be eligible to sit for the licensing examination;
(2) no more than ten (10) hours of course work may be taken by a student during one (1) day;
(3) the course work will instruct the students in all theories and practical application of the students' specific course of study;
(4) the school will provide one (1) instructor for each twenty (20) students or any fraction of that number;
(5) the school will be operated under the personal supervision of a licensed cosmetologist instructor;
(6) the person has obtained any building permit, certificate of occupancy, or other planning approval required under IC 22-15-3 and IC 36-7-4 to operate the school;
(7) the school, if located in the same building as a residence, will:
(A) be separated from the residence by a substantial floor to ceiling partition; and
(B) have a separate entry;
(8) as a requirement for graduation, the proposed school must:
(A) administer; and
(B) require the student to pass;
a final practical demonstration examination of the acts permitted by the license; and
(9) the applicant has paid the fee set forth in IC 25-8-13-3.
As added by P.L.257-1987, SEC.4. Amended by P.L.184-1991, SEC.21; P.L.113-1999, SEC.6; P.L.157-2006, SEC.42; P.L.197-2007, SEC.33.
IC 25-8-5-4
Curriculum requirement rules
Sec. 4. The board may adopt rules under IC 4-22-2 requiring that the curriculum offered by a cosmetology school licensed under this chapter provide a minimum number of hours of instruction of each of the subjects described in section 3(3) of this chapter.
As added by P.L.257-1987, SEC.4.

IC 25-8-5-4.2
Final practical demonstration examination
Sec. 4.2. (a) A cosmetology school licensed under this chapter shall require each student for graduation to pass a final examination that tests the student's practical knowledge of the curriculum studied.
(b) The board shall consider an applicant for the beauty culture professional examination as fulfilling the practical examination requirement established by IC 25-8-4-8(1) after successfully completing the final practical demonstration examination.
(c) A passing score of at least seventy-five percent (75%) is required on the final practical demonstration examination.
(d) The cosmetology school licensed under this chapter shall allow each student for graduation at least three (3) attempts to pass the final practical demonstration examination.
(e) The board may monitor the administration of the final practical demonstration examination for any of the following purposes:
(1) As a result of a complaint received.
(2) As part of random observations.
(3) To collect data.
As added by P.L.157-2006, SEC.43. Amended by P.L.78-2008, SEC.6.

IC 25-8-5-4.5
Credit for valid license
Sec. 4.5. (a) If a student in a cosmetology school presents to the school a valid license issued by the board, the school shall accept and provide credit toward the student's current program for the hours completed in a cosmetology school in the theory and demonstration, or actual practice, of any of the following subjects:
(1) Electricity (basic electricity).
(2) Facials.
(3) Hair coloring (color rinses).
(4) Hair removal.
(5) Makeup.
(6) Manicuring.
(7) Pedicuring.
(8) Salesmanship (salesmanship and marketing).
(9) Sanitation (infection control or bacteriology).
(10) Scalp treatment.
(11) Skin (skin care).
(12) Shampooing (shampoo rinsing). (13) Hair coloring (weekly rinses).
(14) Other areas as determined by the board.
(b) The school shall credit the appropriate subject areas on a student's transcript for the hours transferred under subsection (a).
(c) A student may not transfer any hours of credit above the amount required in each subject area under the student's current program.
(d) The student may receive credit for the number of hours that the student's current program requires in the subject areas covered by the student's license, even if the number of hours required under the current program is greater than the actual number of hours completed when the student's license was earned.
As added by P.L.113-1999, SEC.7.

IC 25-8-5-5
Sign display at school entrances; standards
Sec. 5. (a) A cosmetology school licensed under this chapter shall display a sign complying with standards established by the board at each entrance to the cosmetology school used by the school's customers.
(b) The sign must state that the students of the school are performing cosmetology in that establishment.
As added by P.L.257-1987, SEC.4.

IC 25-8-5-6
Sign displaying prices
Sec. 6. A cosmetology school licensed under this chapter may not display a sign listing the prices charged for services at the cosmetology school unless:
(1) the cosmetology school displays the sign required under section 5 of this chapter; or
(2) the price list sign described in this section is only visible inside the school.
As added by P.L.257-1987, SEC.4.

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