2019 Illinois Compiled Statutes
Chapter 25 - LEGISLATURE
25 ILCS 60/ - Judicial Note Act.

(25 ILCS 60/0.01) (from Ch. 63, par. 42.60)
Sec. 0.01. Short title. This Act may be cited as the Judicial Note Act.
(Source: P.A. 86-1324.)

(25 ILCS 60/1) (from Ch. 63, par. 42.61)
Sec. 1. Every bill, the purpose and effect of which is to increase or decrease the number of appellate judges, circuit judges, or associate circuit judges in the State, either directly or indirectly, shall have prepared for it prior to second reading in the house of introduction a brief explanatory statement of the need of a change in the number of judges in the particular county, circuit or district of the State. These statements shall be known as "judicial notes".
(Source: P.A. 77-1258.)

(25 ILCS 60/2) (from Ch. 63, par. 42.62)
Sec. 2. The sponsor of each bill referred to in Section 1 shall present a copy of the bill, with his requirements for a judicial note, to the Supreme Court. The judicial note shall be prepared by the Supreme Court and furnished to the sponsor of the bill within 5 calendar days thereafter; except that whenever, because of the complexity of the measure, additional time is required for the preparation of the judicial note the Supreme Court may so inform the sponsor of the bill and he may approve an extension of the time within which the note should be furnished, not to extend, however, beyond June 15 the odd numbered year following the date of request. Whenever any measure by which a judicial note is requested affects more than one county, circuit, or judicial district, such effect must be set forth in the judicial note.
(Source: P.A. 100-201, eff. 8-18-17.)

(25 ILCS 60/3) (from Ch. 63, par. 42.63)
Sec. 3. Whenever the sponsor of any measure is of the opinion that no judicial note is necessary, any member of either house may thereafter request that a note be obtained, and in such case the matter shall be decided by majority vote of those present and voting in the house of which he is a member.
(Source: P.A. 76-1314.)

(25 ILCS 60/4) (from Ch. 63, par. 42.64)
Sec. 4. The note shall be factual in nature, as brief and concise as may be, and shall provide a reliable estimate of the need of a decrease or increase of judges based upon population and case load of the particular county or counties, circuit or circuits, or judicial district or districts for which the change is required. If it is determined that such need can not be ascertained, the judicial note shall contain a statement to that effect, setting forth the reasons why a determination of need can not be given.
(Source: P.A. 77-1258.)

(25 ILCS 60/5) (from Ch. 63, par. 42.65)
Sec. 5. No comment or opinion shall be included in the judicial note with regard to the merits of the measure for which the judicial note is prepared; however, technical or mechanical defects may be noted. The judicial note shall be prepared in quintuplicate, and the name of the Supreme Court shall appear at the end of the note and the original of the judicial note shall be signed by a designee of the Supreme Court.
(Source: P.A. 84-1395.)

(25 ILCS 60/6) (from Ch. 63, par. 42.66)
Sec. 6. The fact that a judicial note is prepared for any bill shall not preclude or restrict the appearance before any committee of the General Assembly of any official or authorized employee of any State board, commission, department, agency, or other entity who desires to be heard in support of or in opposition to the measure.
(Source: P.A. 76-1314.)

(25 ILCS 60/7) (from Ch. 63, par. 42.67)
Sec. 7. Whenever any committee of either house reports any bill with amendments of such a nature as will affect the number of judges in the State as stated in the judicial note relating to the measure at the time of its referral to the committee, there shall be included with the report of the committee a statement of the effect of the change proposed by the amendment reported as desired by a majority of the committee. In like manner, whenever any measure is amended on the floor of either house in such manner as to affect the number of judges in the State as stated in the judicial note relating to the measure prior to such amendment, a majority of such house may propose that no action shall be taken upon the amendment until the sponsor of the amendment shows to the members a statement of the judicial effect of his proposed amendment.
(Source: P.A. 97-813, eff. 7-13-12.)

(25 ILCS 60/8) (from Ch. 63, par. 42.68)
Sec. 8. The provisions of this Act are severable and if any part or provision hereof shall be void the decision of the court so holding shall not affect or impair any of the remaining parts or provisions of the Act.
(Source: P.A. 76-1314.)

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