2018 Idaho Statutes
Section 40-102 - DEFINITIONS — A.

Universal Citation: ID Code § 40-102 (2018)
40-102. DEFINITIONS — A.
(1) (a) "Access easement" also commonly and sometimes legally referred to as a "deeded access" means a property right running with the land and appurtenant thereto for purposes of vehicular ingress and egress at a designated location from private property to the public highway or public right-of-way created by a written document, contract or deed by exception between the state or any political subdivision of the state of Idaho and the landowner. If the easement does not specify the type of use which may be made of the easement, for example, farm access, heavy industrial, etc., the easement is not limited to any type(s) of access.
(b) If the governmental entity with jurisdiction over the road that the property has a "deeded access" to denies the property owner the right to use the easement, the denial shall constitute a taking of the access right for which just compensation shall be owed.
(2) "Activities, commercial or industrial." (See "Unzoned commercial or industrial areas," section 40-122, Idaho Code)
(3) "Advertising business, outdoor." (See "Outdoor advertising business," section 40-116, Idaho Code)
(4) "Advertising display" means advertising structures and signs.
(5) "Advertising structure(s)" or "structure(s)" or "sign(s)" means any thing designed, intended or used to advertise or inform. "Advertising structure" or "sign" does not include:
(a) Official notices issued by any court or public body or officer.
(b) Notices posted by any public officer in performance of a public duty or by any person in giving legal notice.
(c) Directional, warning or information structures required by or authorized by law, informational or directional signs regarding telephone service, emergency telephone signs, buried or underground cable markers and above cable closures.
(d) An official or public structure erected near a city or county, and within its territorial or zoning jurisdiction, which contains the name of the city or county, provided the same is maintained wholly at public expense. Where a city has been bypassed, but remains within five (5) miles of an interstate highway or primary freeway, the Idaho transportation board, in its discretion, may grant the city the right to erect and maintain a billboard displaying the name of the city at a location not to exceed one (1) mile from an interchange primarily serving that city. Billboards erected must be at locations consistent with department regulations and safety standards.
(6) "Agency," as applied to highway relocation assistance as provided by chapter 20, title 40, Idaho Code, means any subdivision or entity of state or local government in the state of Idaho authorized by law to engage in any highway program or perform any highway project in which the acquisition of real property may result in the displacement of any person.
(7) "Alternate technical concept (ATC)" means an alternative to the base technical concept that promotes innovation and is equal or better in quality or effect, as determined by the department in its sole discretion.
(8) "Areas, commercial or industrial, unzoned." (See "Unzoned commercial or industrial areas," section 40-122, Idaho Code)
(9) "Areas, urban." (See "Urban areas," section 40-122, Idaho Code)
(10) "Automobile graveyard" means any establishment or place of business which is maintained, used, or operated, for storing, keeping, buying, or selling wrecked, scrapped, ruined, or dismantled motor vehicles or motor vehicle parts.
(11) "Average annual net earnings," for the purposes of section 40-2004, Idaho Code, means one-half (1/2) of any net earnings of the business or farm operations, before federal, state and local income taxes, during the two (2) taxable years immediately preceding the taxable year in which the business or farm operation moves from the real property acquired for the project, or during any other period as the agency determines to be more equitable for establishing the earnings, and includes any compensation paid by the business or farm operation to the owner, his spouse, or his dependents during the two (2) year period, or any other period as determined by the agency.

[40-102, added 1985, ch. 253, sec. 2, p. 587; am. 2010, ch. 293, sec. 1, p. 777; am. 2012, ch. 323, sec. 1, p. 882.]

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