2016 Idaho Statutes
Section 31-710 - MEETINGS.

ID Code § 31-710 (2016) What's This?

31-710. Meetings. (1) The regular meetings of the boards of commissioners must be held at their respective county seats on the second Monday of each month of the year, or if the board determines that county affairs require regular meetings more often, then at such times as may be provided for in advance by ordinance, and must continue from time to time until all the business before them has been addressed. Such other meetings must be held, to canvass election returns, equalize taxation, and for other purposes as are prescribed by law or provided for by the board.
(2) Adjourned meetings may be provided for, fixed and held for the transaction of business, by an order duly entered of record, in which must be specified the character of business to be transacted at such meetings, and none other than that specified must be transacted.
(3) If at any time after the adjournment of a regular meeting the business of the county requires a meeting of the board, a special meeting may be ordered by a majority of the board. The order must be entered of record, and five (5) days' notice thereof must, by the clerk, be given to each member not joining in the order. The order must specify the business to be transacted, and none other than that specified must be transacted at such special meeting.
(4) All meetings of the board must be public, and the books, records, and accounts must be kept at the office of the clerk, open at all times for public inspection, free of charge. The clerk of the board must give five (5) days' public notice of all special or adjourned meetings, stating the business to be transacted, by posting three (3) notices in conspicuous places, one (1) of which shall be at the courthouse door.

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