2020 Guam Statutes
Title 1 - General Provisions
Chapter 13 - Guma Onra - Guam Hall of Fame

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1 GCA GENERAL PROVISIONS CH. 13 GUMA ONRA - GUAM H ALL OF F AME CHAPTER 13 GUMA ONRA - GUAM HALL OF FAME NOTE: This Chapter is almost a verbatim continuation of former Title 1, Chapter 4 of the Government Code, § 300 through § 313. Note that § 300 of the former Government Code appears twice, the first appearance being a regulation of vending machines. This first appearance has not been repealed by this Chapter, and will be placed elsewhere in the Guam Code Annotated. The only difference between this Chapter and the former Chapter 4 of the Government Code, Title 1, is made in § 1302 of this Chapter and a later amendment to § 1304. The change lessens the required frequency of Commission meetings to once a year. The Commission is able to call additional meetings as the need arises. Due to the purpose of the Commission, it is doubtful that, once it becomes operational, frequent meetings will be required. § 1300. § 1301. § 1302. § 1303. § 1304. § 1305. § 1306. § 1307. § 1308. § 1309. § 1310. § 1311. § 1312. § 1313. Legislative Findings. Guma Onra Commission. Commission Meetings. Acts of the Commission. Compensation of the Commission. Commission Rules and Regulations. Categories of Persons Eligible for Nomination. Nominations. Screening and Inducting Nominees. Commission Staffing. Special Provisions. Select Committee. Inscription Guma Onra. Appropriations Authorized. § 1300. Legislative Findings. In the emergence of the territory of Guam as a viable community, there were exemplary achievements, acts and deeds done by men and women, young and old, indigenous and non-indigenous which contributed to making Guam what it is today. These achievements, acts and deeds, in many cases, are now part of the Territory's history, tradition or heritage worthy of public recognition and deserve to be memorialized in a fitting manner for the present and future generations. Therefore, a means should be devised through which appropriate honor and recognition can be officially conferred and preserved for posterity. 1 COL120106 1 GCA GENERAL PROVISIONS CH. 13 GUMA ONRA - GUAM H ALL OF F AME It is the wishes of the people of Guam that there shall be established a Hall of Fame to be known as the “Guma Onra” which shall serve as an official repository for public recognition, honor and awards accorded such persons whose exemplary, distinguished or meritorious acts, deeds or achievements have, in some way, contributed, enriched or enhanced the history, culture, heritage or the social, political or economic development of Guam. It is the intent of the Legislature that the criteria for induction into the Guma Onra be of the highest standards. A person may be inducted into the "Guma Onra" only after he or she has met certain criteria. § 1301. Guma Onra Commission. There is hereby established a Guma Onra Commission which shall consist of eleven (11) members all citizens of the United States and residents of the territory of Guam. Each member to be eligible for appointment shall also (1) have resided on Guam for at least five (5) years; (2) have demonstrated knowledge of the culture and history of Guam, past and present; and (3) must be of good character. The Commission members shall be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Legislature, each member to serve for a term of three (3) years. The Chairman shall be elected by a majority vote of the members of the Commission. A Vice- Chairman and Secretary shall be elected in like manner. § 1302. Commission Meetings. The meetings of the Commission shall be held at least once a year. Other meetings may be called by the Chairman or upon the affirmative vote of six (6) members. All meetings shall be subject to the Open Government Law. § 1303. Acts of the Commission. The affirmative vote of six (6) members of the Commission shall be necessary for the validity of any of its acts. § 1304. Compensation of the Commission. The members of the Commission shall be compensated Fifty Dollars for each meeting they attend not to exceed two meetings per month. The members shall be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties as certified by the Chairman, but in no event to exceed the established per diem rates of the Government. 2 COL120106 1 GCA GENERAL PROVISIONS CH. 13 GUMA ONRA - GUAM H ALL OF F AME SOURCE: Amended by P.L. 15-148:31 to increase per diem rate to $50 per meeting in conformance with the new, government-wide rate for all commissions created by Section 32 of the same public law. § 1305. Commission Rules and Regulations. The Commission shall promulgate reasonable rules and regulations consistent with the laws of the United States and this Territory to govern its own operations and for the purposes of carrying out its duties, powers and responsibilities herein conferred and for the promulgation of criteria consistent with the guidelines of this Chapter. § 1306. Categories of Persons Eligible for Nomination. The Commission shall accept nominations of persons for induction into the Guma Onra who have excelled or made extraordinary and meritorious contributions to Guam in their fields of endeavor from any of the following categories: (a) Medicine and Health; (b) Youth, meaning persons under 25 years of age; (c) Senior Citizens, meaning persons 55 years of age and older; (d) Business, Commerce, Tourism and Economic Development; (e) Arts and Sciences; (f) Athletics and Sports; (g) Law and Government; (h) Education and Training; (i) Community, Civic and Religious Affairs; (j) Military; (k) Chamorro Language and Cultural Affairs; (l) Farmers and Fishermen; (m) Other worthy causes and/or persons as determined by the Commission. § 1307. Nominations. Nominations for any of the categories of endeavor stated in § 1306 shall be governed by the following rules: 3 COL120106 1 GCA GENERAL PROVISIONS CH. 13 GUMA ONRA - GUAM H ALL OF F AME (a) Every person nominated shall have made extraordinary and meritorious contributions or achievements towards the development of the Territory. (b) Every person nominated shall have made contributions or achievements which clearly single him out over all others in the same field of endeavor. (c) The extraordinary and meritorious contributions or achievement made by the person nominated shall be judged on the basis of their importance, effectiveness and impact on the well-being of the Territory. (d) The nomination shall be made by petition by no less than two hundred fifty (250) persons who are registered voters of Guam, such nomination may be initiated by an organized civic or fraternal group on Guam, or by a group of residents who ban together for the purpose of making a nomination. (e) The nomination shall be accompanied by a typewritten resume including a biography and a detailed description of the accomplishment(s) for which the person is being nominated. § 1308. Screening and Inducting of Nominees. (a) Screening. The Commission shall screen the nominating petition and its accompanying data and select not more than three (3) finalists from each category for consideration. It shall require the three (3) finalists from each of the selected categories to appear, as necessary, before the Commission to answer questions relative to selection. The Commission shall not ask questions that would be violative of the potential inductee's right to privacy, but the Commission may make pertinent inquiries relative to the awards for which such person is being considered for induction. (b) Induction. The Commission shall induct winners into the Guma Onra in a ceremony on the last Monday in April of each year or at such time and place as it deems appropriate. (c) Vote Required for Induction. The affirmative vote of nine (9) members of the Commission shall be necessary for the induction of any nominee into the Guma Onra. § 1309. Commission Staffing. Subject to budget limitations, the Commission is authorized to employ such staff as necessary to carry out the purpose of this Chapter. Said 4 COL120106 1 GCA GENERAL PROVISIONS CH. 13 GUMA ONRA - GUAM H ALL OF F AME employees shall be hired as classified employees consistent with the rules and regulations adopted by the Commission, provided, however, that the Director shall be appointed by the Commission subject to the approval of the Governor and the confirmation of the Legislature and, provided, further, that the Director may be removed by the affirmative vote of six (6) members of the Commission. § 1310. Special Provisions. In addition to recognizing persons meeting the criteria given in § 1306 of this Chapter, the Commission may recognize those persons whose achievements, acts and deeds have contributed to the development of the Territory as a whole and shall befittingly bestow upon such persons public honor in the Guma Onra for posterity. Such persons may include: (a) Former Governors and Lieutenant Governors of Guam; (b) Former members of the Guam Congress and the Guam Legislature; (c) Members of the Territory's law enforcement agencies killed in the line of duty; (d) Sons and daughters of Guam who died as a direct result of an armed conflict or war; (e) Former Washington Representatives; (f) Former judges of the Territory's judicial system; and, (g) Former municipal commissioners and assistant commissioners. § 1311. Select Committee. The Commission may empower a Select Committee on Nominations to nominate eligible persons for induction into the Guma Onra to supplement nominations submitted by petition under § 1307 of this Chapter. § 1312. Inscription: Guma Onra. The name of each inductee shall be inscribed on a bronze or similarly appropriate plaque to be publicly displayed in the Guma Onra. Each person inducted shall receive a medal commemorative of the occasion. 5 COL120106 1 GCA GENERAL PROVISIONS CH. 13 GUMA ONRA - GUAM H ALL OF F AME § 1313. Appropriations Authorized. There is authorized to be appropriated such sums as are necessary for the implementation of this Chapter. ---------- 6 COL120106
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