2019 Guam Statutes
Title 7 - Civil Procedure and Judiciary
Division 3 - Special Proceedings
Chapter 36 - Change of Names

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7 GCA C IVIL PROCEDURES CH. 36 CHANGE OF NAMES CHAPTER 36 CHANGE OF NAMES § 36101. Jurisdiction. § 36102. Application; Contents. § 36102.1. Same: Families. § 36103. Order to Show Cause; Publication. § 36104. Hearing of the Application. § 36105. Copy of Decree Filed With Office of Vital Statistics. § 36101. Jurisdiction. Application for change of names must be heard and determined in the Superior court. SOURCE: CCP § 1275. § 36102. Application; Contents. All application for change of names must be made to the Superior Court, by petition, signed by the person whose name is proposed to be changed and if such person is under eighteen (18) years of age, by one of the parents, if living, or if both be dead, then by the guardian; and if there by no guardian, then by some hear relative or friend. The petition must specify the place of birth and residence of such person, his or her present name, cedula, the name proposed, and the reason for such change of name, and must, if the father of such person be not living, name, as far as known to the petitioner, the near relatives of such person, and their place of residence. SOURCE: CCP § 1276. NOTE: Cedulas, the mandatory identification cards once issued by the Government of Guam, have not been required of residents for many years. The age of majority was lowered, as to all persons, to the age of eighteen years by an amended to 19 GCA § 1101 (P.L. 11-144). § 36102.1. Same: Families. Persons who are married pursuant to the provisions of Title 19 of the Guam Code Annotated, and any natural or adopted child of either person, may file one (1) petition for change of name. SOURCE: Added by P.L. 25-52:1. § 36103. Order to Show Cause; Publication. 1 COL120106 7 GCA C IVIL PROCEDURES CH. 36 CHANGE OF NAMES Upon the filing of the said petition the court shall thereupon make an order reciting the filing of the application, the name of the person by whom it is filed and the name proposed, and directing all persons interested in said matter to appear before the court, at a time and place specified, not less than four nor more than eight weeks from the time of making such order, to show cause why the application for the change of name should not be granted. A copy of such order to show cause shall be posted by the clerk of the court in three public places in Agana for four successive weeks and in the district, town, or village where the petitioner lives. Proof must be made to the satisfaction of the court, of such publication, or posting, at the time of the hearing of the application. SOURCE: CCP § 1277. § 36104. Hearing of the Application. Such application must be heard at such time a s the court may appoint, and objections may be filed by any person who can, in such objections, show to the court good reason against such change of name. On the hearing, the court may examine on oath any of the petitioners, remonstrants, or other persons, touching the application, and may make an order changing the name, or dismissing the application, as to the court may seem right and proper. SOURCE: CCP § 1278. § 36105. Copy of Decree filed with Office of Vital Statistics. A certified copy of the decree of the court, changing the name of a person, shall within thirty (30) days from the date of such decree, be filed with the Office of Vital Statistics, Department of Public Health and Social Services. SOURCES: CCP § 1279; amended by P.L. 3-30. Reference to Medical Services changed to Dept. of Public Health and Social Services pursuant to P.L. 9-147. ---------- 2 COL120106
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