2019 Guam Statutes
Title 1 - General Provisions
Chapter 23 - The Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Human and Civil Rights Commission

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1 GCA GENERAL PROVISIONS CH. 23 THE REVEREND, DR. MARTIN LUTHER K ING, JR. HUMAN AND C IVIL R IGHTS COMMISSION CHAPTER 23 THE REVEREND, DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION SOURCE: This chapter was added by P.L. 29-066:2 (Apr 25, 2008). § § § § § § § § 2301. 2302. 2303. 2304. 2305. 2306. 2307. 2308. Creation and Membership Term and Vacancy Function General Powers Repository for Commission Documents Budget Reporting Martin Luther King, Jr. Festival § 2301. Creation and Membership. There is hereby created the Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Human and Civil Rights Commission, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Commission’, which shall continue in effect until dissolved by I Liheslatura. The Commission shall be formed and meet no later than fortyfive (45) days after the enactment of this Act. Commission appointees must have lived in Guam for at least one (1) year and must be committed to promoting the ideas and vision of the Reverend, Dr. King, Jr., as well as human and civil rights in Guam. Commission members shall be sworn in by I Maga’lahen Guåhan and their appointments shall not be subject to advice and consent procedure of I Liheslaturan Guåhan. The Commission shall be comprised of seventeen (17) members, fourteen (14) of whom shall be appointed by I Maga’lahi and three (3) who shall be appointed by the Speaker of I Liheslatura. (a) I Maga’lahi’s appointees are: (1) The Executive Director; (2) Two (2) from the military community; (3) One (1) from the business community; (4) One (1) from the Guam Interfaith Committee; 1 COL 040209 1 GCA GENERAL PROVISIONS CH. 23 THE REVEREND, DR. MARTIN LUTHER K ING, JR. HUMAN AND C IVIL R IGHTS COMMISSION (5) Three (3) representing education: one (1) each from private, public, and military educational institutions; (6) One (1) from the Consular Corps; (7) One (1) member of the Mayor’s Council of Guam designated by the President of the Council, who may select himself; (8) One (1) member of the Guam Youth Congress designated by the Speaker of the Youth Congress, who may select himself; (9) One (1) member of the Civil Service Commission; (10) One (1) from the Judiciary System; and (11) One (1) member of the Guam Chamber of Commerce, designated by the Chairman of the Chamber, who may select himself. (b) The Speaker’s appointees are one (1) member of the minority and two (2) members of the majority who shall be designated by the Speaker who may appoint himself. § 2302. Term and Vacancy. Members of the Commission shall serve a three (3)-year term. Members shall serve without compensation. The Executive Director of the Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Human and Civil Rights Commission shall serve as the Commission’s Chair and the Vice Chairperson and other commissioned officers shall be elected from among its members. Any vacancies occurring within any three (3)-year term shall be filled by nomination by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the remaining Commission members and approved by I Maga’lahi. § 2303. Function. The Executive Director, as Chair of the Commission, shall be responsible for the leadership, guidance, and directions, for the planning, organizing, coordinating, and developing activities to achieve the mission and goals of the Commission as contained in this Chapter. The Commission shall receive support services from I Maga’lahi’s Office consisting of office supplies, materials, equipment, and duplicating services to carry out the duties and mission of the Commission. Commission Members shall be responsible for: 2 COL 040209 1 GCA GENERAL PROVISIONS CH. 23 THE REVEREND, DR. MARTIN LUTHER K ING, JR. HUMAN AND C IVIL R IGHTS COMMISSION (a) the roles, duties, and responsibilities of the officers and committees; (b) creating programs and activities that promote social justice, peace and goodwill among people of different races and cultures through debates, festivals that markets goods and services, performing arts, arts and crafts, and displays of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of ‘Living the Dream’; (c) securing grants, sponsorships, and donations for developing and delivering educational programs, cultural activities and projects that promote positive social change, cultural understanding, and appreciation for ethnic differences; (d) Planning, developing and coordinating workshops, seminars, and/or conferences that focus on ‘Training the Trainers’ on the nonviolent philosophy espoused by Dr. King, Jr.; (e) Building partnership with Guam’s public, private, and military school systems, Guam Community College, University of Guam, Nieves Flores Memorial Library, Guam Educational Telecommunications Corporation (KGTF), other media stations, government instrumentalities, non-profit organizations, and human and civil rights groups for promoting and marketing the Commission’s programs and activities; and (f) developing communication networks with local and global communities to gain information, share ideas, and exchange resources that foster a global vision for future leaders. Unless and until modified by a majority vote of the Commission’s Members, the Commission’s meetings shall take place on the third Wednesday of each month at I Maga’lahi’s Conference room. All committee meetings shall be open to the public as mandated by Title 5 GCA, Chapter 8, § 8107. § 2304. General Powers. The Commission shall have, and may exercise, the following general powers in carrying out the activities specified in this Chapter. (a) The Commission shall establish the following fifteen (15) committees: 3 COL 040209 1 GCA GENERAL PROVISIONS CH. 23 THE REVEREND, DR. MARTIN LUTHER K ING, JR. HUMAN AND C IVIL R IGHTS COMMISSION (1) Human and Civil Rights Issues (2) Non-Denominational Faith Groups (3) Military Communities (4) Business Communities (5) Mayors Council (6) Youth Council (7) Senior Citizen Community (8) Political Community (9) Educational Community (10) AmeriCorps Members (11) Non-Profit Organizations (12) Guam Women’s Council (13) Consular Corps (14) Judiciary Community (15) Multicultural and Ethnic Diversity (b) The Chair and Vice Chair shall not chair any of the fifteen (15) committees. (c) Each Commission Member shall chair one of the designated committees. The Committee Chair shall recruit its members to plan, organize, develop, coordinate, and carryout the activities and projects that address the overall mission and goals of the Commission. (d) The Committee Chair shall provide guidance, leadership, support, and oversight in helping to achieve the goals and mission of its committee. (e) The Commission shall acquire and accept gifts, donations, in-kind services, real, personal or mixed, tangible or intangible property – to aid in developing and implementing of the activities, programs, and projects as authorized by this Chapter and Commission. (f) The Commission shall adopt rules and regulations for governing the operations of this Commission and shall take other actions as may be 4 COL 040209 1 GCA GENERAL PROVISIONS CH. 23 THE REVEREND, DR. MARTIN LUTHER K ING, JR. HUMAN AND C IVIL R IGHTS COMMISSION necessary or appropriate to carry out the powers and duties herein specified or hereafter granted to or imposed upon it. § 2305. Repository for Commission Documents. The Executive Director of the Human and Civil Rights Commission shall be responsible for transmitting video recordings and documents that represent programs, workshops, activities, and projects conducted by the Commission. The Nieves Flores Memorial Library shall be the official repository of all public records and materials pertaining to the Commission’s programs. § 2306. Budget. In addition to assistance from I Maga’lahi’s Office, the Commission shall exert efforts to secure grants, monetary donations, and sponsorships and in-kind services from the community at large, both locally and nationally. § 2307. Reporting. The Commission shall submit the following reports to I Maga’lahi and the Speaker of I Liheslaturan Guåhan: (a) Overall Financial Status Reports on all Committees; (b) Copies of all Commission and Committee minutes; and (c) Annual Overall Evaluation & Performance Report. § 2308. Martin Luther King, Jr. Festival. The primary festival event will occur on the Monday of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday; however, additional events related to the holiday may be scheduled at any time during the holiday weekend and thereafter. The Commission will conduct a festival that highlights ‘Living the Dream.’ The Commission will seek the volunteer participation of government of Guam employees and the community at large to participate in the various stages of planning, developing, and implementing the festival activities as deemed necessary. ---------- 5 COL 040209
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