2021 Georgia Code
Title 21 - Elections
Chapter 2 - Elections and Primaries Generally
Article 9 - Voting Machines and Vote Recorders Generally
Part 2 - Voting Machines
§ 21-2-327. Preparation of Voting Machines; Custodians and Their Deputies; Inspection; Furnishing of Supplies

Universal Citation: GA Code § 21-2-327 (2021)
  1. The superintendent of each municipality shall cause the proper ballot labels to be placed on each voting machine which is to be used in any precinct within such municipality, cause each machine to be placed in proper order for voting, examine each machine before it is sent out to a polling place, see that each registering counter on each machine is set at zero, lock each machine so that the counting machinery cannot be operated, and seal each machine with a numbered seal. The superintendent or his or her agent shall adjust each machine to be used at a primary, so that the poll officers may lock it on primary day, in such a way that each elector can vote only for the candidates seeking nomination by the political party in whose primary he or she is then voting and so that no elector can vote for the candidates seeking nomination by any political party in whose primary he or she is not then voting.
  2. The superintendent shall appoint one custodian of voting machines and such deputy custodians as may be necessary, whose duty it shall be to prepare the machines to be used at the primaries and elections to be held therein. Each custodian and deputy custodian shall receive from the municipality such compensation as shall be fixed by the governing authority of the municipality. Such custodian shall, under the direction of the superintendent, have charge of and represent the superintendent during the preparation of the voting machines as required by this chapter, and he or she and the deputy custodians, whose duty it shall be to assist him or her in the discharge of his or her duties, shall serve at the pleasure of the superintendent. Each custodian shall take an oath of office framed by the Secretary of State, which shall be filed with the superintendent.
  3. On or before the twelfth day preceding a primary or election, including special primaries, special elections, and referendum elections, the superintendent shall mail to the foreperson of the grand jury, the chairperson of the county executive committee of each political party which shall be entitled under existing laws to participate in primaries within the county, and to the chairperson or presiding officer of any organization of citizens within the county having as its purpose or among its purposes the investigation or prosecution of primary and election frauds, which has registered its name and address and the names of its principal officers with the superintendent at least 30 days before such primary or election, and, in the case of an election, to the appropriate committee of each political body which shall be entitled to have the names of its candidates entered on the voting machines, and to each independent candidate who shall be entitled to have his or her name printed on the voting machines, a written notice stating the times when and the place or places where preparation of the machines for use in the several precincts will be started. The grand jury shall appoint a committee, consisting of three of its members, which shall inspect the machines and see that the machines are properly prepared and are placed in proper condition and order for use. In the event the committee of the grand jury fails to be present, the superintendent shall immediately appoint a panel consisting of three electors to perform the duties of the committee of the grand jury set forth in this Code section. Further, one representative of each political party or body, certified by the chairperson of such political party or body, and one representative of each aforementioned organization of citizens, certified by the chairperson or presiding officer of such organization, and any such independent candidate or his or her certified agent shall be entitled to be present during the preparation of the machines and to see that the machines are properly prepared and are placed in proper condition and order for use. Such committee of the grand jury, representatives, or candidates shall not, however, interfere with the preparation of the machines; and the superintendent may make such reasonable rules and regulations concerning the conduct of such representatives and candidates.
  4. The custodian and deputy custodians of voting machines and the members of the committee of the grand jury, if any, shall make an affidavit, which each shall sign, and request each representative of a party, body, or a citizens' organization, or candidate or his or her agent present at the preparation of the machine to attest, and which shall be filed with the city clerk, stating:
    1. The identifying number or other designation of the voting machine;
    2. That each registering counter on the machine was set at zero;
    3. The number registered on the protective counter or other device of the machine; and
    4. The number on the seal with which the machine is sealed.
  5. No superintendent nor custodian nor other employee of the superintendent shall, in any way, prevent free access to and examination of all voting machines which are to be used at the primary or election by any of the duly appointed representatives or candidates aforesaid; and the superintendent and his or her employees shall afford to each such representative or candidate every facility for the examination of all registering counters, protective counters, and public counters of each and every voting machine.
  6. In every primary or election, the superintendent shall furnish, at the expense of the municipality, all ballot labels, forms of certificates, and other papers and supplies which are required under this chapter and which are not furnished by the Secretary of State, all of which shall be in the form and according to the specifications prescribed from time to time by the Secretary of State. In a municipal primary, ballot labels and other materials necessary for the preparation of the voting machines shall be furnished free of charge to the municipal superintendent by the political party conducting such primary.

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