2020 Georgia Code
Title 44 - Property
Chapter 5 - Acquisition and Loss of Property
Article 7 - Prescription
§ 44-5-161. Adverse Possession; Effect of Permissive Possession

Universal Citation: GA Code § 44-5-161 (2020)
  1. In order for possession to be the foundation of prescriptive title, it:
    1. Must be in the right of the possessor and not of another;
    2. Must not have originated in fraud except as provided in Code Section 44-5-162;
    3. Must be public, continuous, exclusive, uninterrupted, and peaceable; and
    4. Must be accompanied by a claim of right.
  2. Permissive possession cannot be the foundation of a prescription until an adverse claim and actual notice to the other party.

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