2020 Georgia Code
Title 14 - Corporations, Partnerships, and Associations
Chapter 3 - Nonprofit Corporations
Article 11 - Merger
§ 14-3-1108. Definitions; Merger With Foreign Corporations; Requirements

Universal Citation: GA Code § 14-3-1108 (2020)
  1. As used in this Code section and in Code Section 14-3-1107, the term:
    1. "Entity" includes any business corporation or foreign business corporation, domestic or foreign limited liability company, domestic or foreign joint-stock association, or domestic or foreign limited partnership.
    2. "Governing agreements" includes the articles of incorporation and bylaws of a business corporation, foreign business corporation, corporation or foreign corporation, articles of association or trust agreement or indenture and bylaws of a joint-stock association, articles of organization and operating agreement of a limited liability company, and the certificate of limited partnership and limited partnership agreement of a limited partnership, and agreements serving comparable purposes under the laws of other states or jurisdictions.
    3. "Joint-stock association" includes any association of the kind commonly known as a joint-stock association or joint-stock company and any unincorporated association, trust, or enterprise having members or having outstanding shares of stock or other evidences of financial and beneficial interest therein, whether formed by agreement or under statutory authority or otherwise, but shall not include a corporation, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company, or nonprofit organization. A joint-stock association as defined in this paragraph may be one formed under the laws of this state, including a trust created pursuant to Article 2 of Chapter 12 of Title 53, or one formed under or pursuant to the laws of any other state or jurisdiction.
    4. "Limited liability company" includes limited liability companies formed under the laws of this state or of any other state or territory or the District of Columbia, unless the laws of such other state or jurisdiction forbid the merger of a limited liability company with a corporation.
    5. "Limited partnership" includes limited partnerships formed under the laws of this state or of any other state or territory or the District of Columbia, unless the laws of such other state or jurisdiction forbid the merger of a limited partnership with a corporation.
    6. "Share" includes shares, memberships, financial or beneficial interests, units, or proprietary or partnership interests in a business corporation or a foreign business corporation, limited liability company, joint-stock association, or a limited partnership but does not include debt obligations of any entity.
    7. "Shareholder" includes every member of a limited liability company or a joint-stock association that is a party to a merger or holder of a share or other evidence of financial or beneficial interest therein.
  2. Subject to the limitations set forth in Code Section 14-3-1102, one or more corporations may merge with one or more entities, except an entity formed under the laws of a state or jurisdiction which forbids a merger with a corporation. The corporation or corporations and one or more entities may merge into a single corporation or other entity, which may be any one of the constituent corporations or entities.
  3. The board of directors of each merging corporation and the appropriate body of each entity, in accordance with its governing agreements and the laws of the state or jurisdiction under which it was formed, shall adopt a plan of merger in accordance with each corporation's and entity's governing agreements and the laws of the state or jurisdiction under which it was formed, as the case may be.
  4. The plan of merger:
    1. Must set forth:
      1. The name of each corporation and entity planning to merge and the name of the surviving corporation or entity into which each other corporation and entity plans to merge;
      2. The terms and conditions of the merger; and
      3. The manner and basis of converting the shares of each corporation and the shares, memberships, or financial or beneficial interests or units in each of the entities into shares, obligations, or other securities of the surviving or any other corporation or entity or into cash or other property in whole or in part; and
    2. May set forth:
      1. Amendments to the articles of incorporation or governing agreements of the surviving corporation or entity; and
      2. Other provisions relating to the merger.
  5. Any of the terms of the plan of merger may be made dependent upon facts ascertainable outside of the plan of merger, provided that the manner in which such facts shall operate upon the terms of the merger is clearly and expressly set forth in the plan of merger. As used in this subsection, the term "facts" includes, but is not limited to, the occurrence of any event, including a determination or action by any person or body, including the corporation.
  6. In the case of any entity, the plan of merger shall be approved in the manner required by its governing agreements and in compliance with any applicable laws of the state or jurisdiction under which it was formed. In addition, each of the corporations shall comply with all other provisions of this chapter which relate to the merger of corporation. Each other entity shall comply with all other provisions of its governing agreements and all provisions of the laws, if any, of the state or jurisdiction in which it was formed which relate to the merger.
  7. Each merging corporation shall comply with the requirements of Code Section 14-3-1104.

(Code 1981, §14-3-1108, enacted by Ga. L. 2004, p. 508, § 53; Ga. L. 2005, p. 60, § 14/HB 95; Ga. L. 2010, p. 579, § 10/SB 131.)

Code Commission notes.

- Pursuant to Code Section 28-9-5, in 2004, "include" was substituted for "includes" near the end of paragraph (a)(6).


Effective date.

- This article became effective July 1, 2017.

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