1999 Florida Code
Chapter 561 Beverage Law: Administration  

561.01 Definitions.
561.02 Creation and duties of Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.
561.025 Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco Trust Fund.
561.027 Federal Law Enforcement Trust Fund.
561.051 Reporting requirements of director.
561.08 Enforcement of Beverage Law; division to prescribe forms.
561.11 Power and authority of division.
561.1105 Inspection of licensed premises; coin-operated amusement machines.
561.111 Payment of taxes by electronic funds transfer.
561.121 Deposit of revenue.
561.14 License and registration classification.
561.15 Licenses; qualifications required.
561.17 License and registration applications; approved person.
561.18 License investigation.
561.181 Temporary initial licenses.
561.19 License issuance upon approval of division.
561.20 Limitation upon number of licenses issued.
561.22 Licensing manufacturers, distributors, and registered exporters as vendors prohibited.
561.221 Licensing of manufacturers and distributors as vendors and of vendors as manufacturers; conditions and limitations.
561.23 License issued in duplicate; display.
561.24 Licensing manufacturers as distributors or registered exporters prohibited; procedure for issuance and renewal of distributors' licenses and exporters' registrations.
561.25 Officers and employees prohibited from being employed by or engaging in beverage business; penalties; exceptions.
561.26 Term of license.
561.27 Renewal of license.
561.29 Revocation and suspension of license; power to subpoena.
561.32 Transfer of licenses; change of officers or directors; transfer of interest.
561.33 Licensee moving to new location; changing name of business.
561.331 Temporary license upon application for transfer, change of location, or change of type or series.
561.342 County and municipal license tax.
561.351 Manufacturers, brokers, sales agents, importers, and passenger common carriers; term of license.
561.37 Bond for payment of taxes.
561.371 Bond for payment of taxes by spirituous liquor distributors.
561.38 Issuance of license prohibited until bond approved; cancellation or expiration of bond.
561.41 Maintenance and designation of principal office by manufacturers, distributors, importers, and exporters.
561.411 Qualifications for distributors.
561.42 Tied house evil; financial aid and assistance to vendor by manufacturer or distributor prohibited; procedure for enforcement; exception.
561.421 Temporary convention permits.
561.422 Nonprofit civic organizations; temporary permits.
561.423 Beer and malt beverages; in-store servicing authorized.
561.424 Vinous beverages; in-store servicing authorized.
561.43 Dry counties; manufacturers' or distributors' licenses; exporters' registrations; exemptions.
561.49 No tax on out-of-state sales.
561.495 Legislative findings; cost of regulating imported beverages.
561.50 One state tax payment; reports.
561.501 Surcharge on sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises; penalty.
561.5101 Come-to-rest requirement; exceptions; penalties.
561.54 Certain deliveries of beverages prohibited.
561.545 Certain shipments of beverages prohibited; penalties; exceptions.
561.55 Manufacturers', distributors', brokers', sales agents', importers', vendors', and exporters' records and reports.
561.56 Transportation of beverages by manufacturers, distributors, and exporters.
561.57 Deliveries by licensees.
561.58 Issuance of license for a prior license revoked.
561.65 Mortgagee's interest in license.
561.66 Legislative intent.
561.665 Division to restrict licensees from permitting certain activities.
561.67 Reclamation by distributor of beverages not paid for by licensed vendors.
561.68 Licensure; distributor's salespersons.
561.701 Short title.
561.702 Legislative intent.
561.703 Definitions.
561.705 Responsible vendor qualification.
561.706 Exemption from license suspension or revocation; mitigation for certain beverage law violations; records of arrests.

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