1999 Florida Code
Chapter 373 Water Resources  
PART I STATE WATER RESOURCE PLAN (ss. 373.012-373.199)

373.012 Topographic mapping.
373.013 Short title.
373.016 Declaration of policy.
373.019 Definitions.
373.023 Scope and application.
373.026 General powers and duties of the department.
373.029 Southeast River Basins Resources Advisory Board.
373.033 Saltwater barrier line.
373.036 Florida water plan; district water management plans.
373.0361 Regional water supply planning.
373.0391 Technical assistance to local governments.
373.0395 Groundwater basin resource availability inventory.
373.0397 Floridan and Biscayne aquifers; designation of prime groundwater recharge areas.
373.042 Minimum flows and levels.
373.0421 Establishment and implementation of minimum flows and levels.
373.043 Adoption and enforcement of rules by the department.
373.044 Rules; enforcement; availability of personnel rules.
373.046 Interagency agreements.
373.047 Cooperation between districts.
373.056 State agencies, counties, drainage districts, municipalities, or governmental agencies or public corporations authorized to convey or receive land from water management districts.
373.069 Creation of water management districts.
373.0691 Transfer of areas.
373.0693 Basins; basin boards.
373.0695 Duties of basin boards; authorized expenditures.
373.0697 Basin taxes.
373.0698 Creation and operation of basin boards; other laws superseded.
373.073 Governing board.
373.0735 Southwest Florida Water Management District; governing board.
373.076 Vacancies in the governing board; removal from office.
373.079 Members of governing board; oath of office; staff.
373.0795 Severance pay for water management district employees.
373.083 General powers and duties of the governing board.
373.0831 Water resource development; water supply development.
373.084 District works, operation by other governmental agencies.
373.085 Use of works or land by other districts or private persons.
373.086 Providing for district works.
373.087 District works using aquifer for storage and supply.
373.088 Application fees for certain real estate transactions.
373.089 Sale or exchange of lands, or interests or rights in lands.
373.093 Lease of lands or interest in land.
373.096 Releases.
373.099 Execution of instruments.
373.103 Powers which may be vested in the governing board at the department's discretion.
373.106 Permit required for construction involving underground formation.
373.107 Citation of rule.
373.109 Permit application fees.
373.113 Adoption of rules by the governing board.
373.1131 Consolidated action on permits.
373.114 Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission; review of district rules and orders; department review of district rules.
373.116 Procedure for water use and impoundment construction permit applications.
373.117 Certification by professional engineer.
373.118 General permits.
373.119 Administrative enforcement procedures; orders.
373.123 Penalty.
373.129 Maintenance of actions.
373.136 Enforcement of regulations and orders.
373.139 Acquisition of real property.
373.1391 Management of real property.
373.1395 Limitation on liability of water management district with respect to areas made available to the public for recreational purposes without charge.
373.1401 Management of lands of water management districts.
373.146 Publication of notices, process, and papers.
373.149 Existing districts preserved.
373.1501 South Florida Water Management District as local sponsor.
373.171 Rules.
373.1725 Notice of intent by publication.
373.175 Declaration of water shortage; emergency orders.
373.185 Local Xeriscape ordinances.
373.191 County water conservation projects.
373.196 Legislative findings.
373.1961 Water production.
373.1962 Regional water supply authorities.
373.1963 Assistance to West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority.
373.197 Kissimmee River Valley and Taylor Creek-Nubbins Slough Basin restoration project; measures authorized.
373.199 Florida Forever Water Management District Work Plan.

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