1999 Florida Code
Chapter 372 Wildlife  

372.001 Definitions.
372.01 Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
372.021 Powers, duties, and authority of commission; rules, regulations, and orders.
372.0215 Citizen support organizations; use of state property; audit.
372.0222 Private publication agreements; advertising; costs of production.
372.0225 Freshwater organisms.
372.023 J. W. Corbett and Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management Areas.
372.025 Everglades recreational sites; definitions.
372.03 Headquarters of commission.
372.04 Director of commission.
372.05 Duties of director.
372.051 Seal of commission; certificate as evidence.
372.06 Meetings of the commission.
372.061 Meetings; authority to hold at any point in state.
372.07 Police powers of commission and its agents.
372.071 Powers of arrest by agents of Department of Environmental Protection or Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
372.072 Endangered and Threatened Species Act.
372.0725 Killing or wounding of any species designated as endangered, threatened, or of special concern; criminal penalties.
372.073 Endangered and Threatened Species Reward Program.
372.074 Fish and Wildlife Habitat Program.
372.09 State Game Trust Fund.
372.105 Lifetime Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund.
372.106 Dedicated License Trust Fund.
372.107 Federal Law Enforcement Trust Fund.
372.12 Acquisition of state game lands.
372.121 Control and management of state game lands.
372.16 Private game preserves and farms; penalty.
372.19 Preserves, refuges, etc., not tax exempt.
372.26 Imported fish.
372.265 Regulation of foreign animals.
372.27 Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs, etc., closed to all fishing.
372.31 Disposition of illegal fishing devices.
372.311 Disposition and appraisal of property seized under this chapter.
372.312 Forfeiture proceedings.
372.313 Delivery of property to claimant.
372.314 Proceeding when no claim filed.
372.315 Proceeding when claim filed.
372.316 State attorney to represent state.
372.317 Judgment of forfeiture.
372.318 Service charges.
372.319 Disposition of proceeds of forfeiture.
372.321 Exercise of police power.
372.561 Issuance of licenses to take wild animal life or freshwater aquatic life; costs; reporting.
372.57 Licenses and permits; exemptions; fees.
372.5705 Fish pond license.
372.571 Expiration of licenses and permits.
372.5711 Review of fees for licenses and permits; review of exemptions.
372.5712 Florida waterfowl permit revenues.
372.5714 Waterfowl Advisory Council.
372.5715 Florida wild turkey permit revenues.
372.5717 Hunter safety course; requirements; penalty.
372.5718 Hunter safety course for juveniles.
372.573 Management area permit revenues.
372.574 Appointment of subagents for the sale of hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses and permits.
372.58 False statement in application for license or permit.
372.581 Entering false information on licenses or permits.
372.59 License and permit not transferable.
372.60 Issuing of replacement license or permit.
372.65 Freshwater fish dealer's license.
372.651 Haul seine and trawl permits; freshwater lakes in excess of 500 square miles; fees.
372.653 Required tagging of fish; lakes in excess of 500 square miles; tag fee; game fish taken in lakes of 500 square miles or less.
372.66 License required for fur and hide dealers.
372.661 Private hunting preserve, license; exception.
372.662 Unlawful sale, possession, or transporting of alligators or alligator skins.
372.663 Illegal killing, possessing, or capturing of alligators or other crocodilia or eggs; confiscation of equipment.
372.664 Prima facie evidence of intent to violate laws protecting alligators.
372.6645 Unlawful to sell alligator products; penalty.
372.665 Word "alligator" or "gator" not to be used in certain sales.
372.667 Feeding or enticement of alligators or crocodiles unlawful; penalty.
372.6671 Alligator trapping program; definitions.
372.6672 Alligator management and trapping program implementation; commission authority.
372.6673 Taking and possession of alligators; trapping licenses; fees.
372.6674 Required tagging of alligators and hides; fees; revenues.
372.6678 Alligator study requirements.
372.671 Florida or wild panther; killing prohibited; penalty.
372.672 Florida Panther Research and Management Trust Fund.
372.673 Florida Panther Technical Advisory Council.
372.674 Environmental education.
372.70 Prosecutions.
372.701 Arrest by officers of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission; recognizance; cash bond; citation.
372.7015 Illegal killing, taking, possessing, or selling wildlife or game; fines; disposition of fines.
372.7016 Voluntary Authorized Hunter Identification Program.
372.705 Harassment of hunters, trappers, or fishers.
372.711 Noncriminal infractions.
372.72 Disposition of fines, penalties, and forfeitures.
372.73 Confiscation and disposition of illegally taken game.
372.74 Cooperative agreements with U. S. Forest Service; penalty.
372.75 Use of explosives and other substances prohibited.
372.76 Search and seizure authorized and limited.
372.761 Issuance of warrant for search of private dwelling.
372.77 Assent to provisions of Act of Congress of September 2, 1937.
372.7701 Assent to federal acts.
372.771 Federal conservation of fish and wildlife; limited jurisdiction.
372.83 Noncriminal infractions; criminal penalties; suspension and revocation of licenses and permits.
372.84 Forfeiture or denial of licenses and permits.
372.85 Contaminating fresh waters.
372.86 Possessing, exhibiting poisonous or venomous reptile; license required.
372.87 License fee; renewal, revocation.
372.88 Bond required, amount.
372.89 Safe housing required.
372.90 Transportation.
372.901 Inspection.
372.91 Who may open cages, pits, or other containers housing poisonous or venomous reptiles.
372.911 Rewards.
372.912 Organized poisonous reptile hunts.
372.92 Rules and regulations.
372.921 Exhibition of wildlife.
372.922 Personal possession of wildlife.
372.97 Jim Woodruff Dam; reciprocity agreements.
372.971 St. Mary's River; reciprocity agreements.
372.98 Possession of nutria; license; inspection; penalty for violation.
372.981 Regulation of importation of caiman.
372.988 Required clothing for persons hunting deer.
372.99 Illegal taking and possession of deer and wild turkey; evidence; penalty.
372.9901 Seizure of illegal devices; disposition; appraisal; forfeiture.
372.9902 Inapplicability of ss. 372.99 and 372.9901.
372.9903 Illegal possession or transportation of freshwater game fish in commercial quantities; penalty.
372.9904 Seizure of illegal devices; disposition; appraisal; forfeiture.
372.9905 Applicability of ss. 372.9903 and 372.9904.
372.9906 Wildlife Law Enforcement Program; creation; purposes.
372.991 Nongame Wildlife Trust Fund.
372.992 Nongame Wildlife Advisory Council.
372.993 Land-based commercial and recreational fishing activities; legislative findings and purpose; definitions; legal protection; local ordinances; prohibited activity.
372.995 Release of balloons.

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