1999 Florida Code
Chapter 253 State Lands  

253.001 Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund; duty to hold lands in trust.
253.002 Department of Environmental Protection and water management districts; duties with respect to state lands.
253.01 Internal Improvement Trust Fund established.
253.02 Board of trustees; powers and duties.
253.025 Acquisition of state lands for purposes other than preservation, conservation, and recreation.
253.027 Emergency archaeological property acquisition.
253.03 Board of trustees to administer state lands; lands enumerated.
253.031 Land office; custody of documents concerning land; moneys; plats.
253.0325 Modernization of state lands records.
253.033 Inter-American Center property; transfer to board; continued use for government purposes.
253.034 State-owned lands; uses.
253.0345 Special events; submerged land leases.
253.035 Coastal anchorage areas.
253.036 Forest management.
253.037 Use of state-owned land for correctional facilities.
253.04 Duty of board to protect, etc., state lands; state may join in any action brought.
253.05 Prosecuting officers to assist in protecting state lands.
253.111 Notice to board of county commissioners before sale.
253.115 Public notice and hearings.
253.12 Title to tidal lands vested in state.
253.121 Conveyances of such lands heretofore made, ratified, confirmed, and validated.
253.1221 Bulkhead lines; reestablishment.
253.1241 Studies.
253.1252 Citation of rule.
253.126 Legislative intent.
253.127 Enforcement.
253.128 Enforcement; board or agency under special law.
253.1281 Review by board.
253.129 Confirmation of title in upland owners.
253.135 Construction of ss. 253.12, 253.126, 253.127, 253.128, and 253.129.
253.14 Rights of riparian owners; board of trustees to defend suit.
253.141 Riparian rights defined; certain submerged bottoms subject to private ownership.
253.21 Board of trustees may surrender certain lands to the United States and receive indemnity.
253.29 Board of trustees to refund money paid where title to land fails.
253.34 Transfer of notes owned by board.
253.36 Title to reclaimed marshlands, wetlands, or lowlands in board of trustees.
253.37 Survey to be made; sale of lands; preference to buyers.
253.38 Riparian rights not affected.
253.381 Unsurveyed marshlands; sale to upland owners.
253.382 Oyster beds, minerals, and oils reserved to state.
253.39 Surveys approved by chief cadastral surveyor validated.
253.40 To what lands applicable.
253.41 Plats and field notes filed in office of Board of Trustees of Internal Improvement Trust Fund.
253.42 Board of trustees may exchange lands.
253.43 Convey by deed.
253.431 Agents may act on behalf of board of trustees.
253.44 Disposal of lands received.
253.45 Sale or lease of phosphate, clay, minerals, etc., in or under state lands.
253.451 Construction of term "land the title to which is vested in the state."
253.47 Board of trustees may lease, sell, etc., bottoms of bays, lagoons, straits, etc., owned by state, for petroleum purposes.
253.51 Oil and gas leases on state lands by the board of trustees.
253.511 Reports by lessees of oil and mineral rights, state lands.
253.512 Applicants for lease of gas, oil, or mineral rights; report as to lease holdings.
253.52 Placing oil and gas leases on market by board.
253.53 Sealed bids required.
253.54 Competitive bidding.
253.55 Limitation on term of lease.
253.56 Responsibility of bidder.
253.57 Royalties.
253.571 Proof of financial responsibility required of lessee prior to commencement of drilling.
253.60 Conflicting laws.
253.61 Lands not subject to lease.
253.62 Board of trustees authorized to convey certain lands without reservation.
253.66 Change in bulkhead lines, Pinellas County.
253.665 Grant of easements, licenses, and leases.
253.67 Definitions.
253.68 Authority to lease submerged land and water column.
253.69 Application to lease submerged land and water column.
253.70 Public notice.
253.71 The lease contract.
253.72 Marking of leased areas; restrictions on public use.
253.73 Rules; ss. 253.67-253.75.
253.74 Penalties.
253.75 Studies and recommendations by the department and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission; designation of recommended traditional and other use zones; supervision of aquaculture operations.
253.763 Judicial review relating to permits and licenses.
253.77 State lands; state agency authorization for use prohibited without consent of agency in which title vested; concurrent processing requirements.
253.781 Retention of state-owned lands along former Cross Florida Barge Canal route; creation of Cross Florida Greenways State Recreation and Conservation Area; authorizing transfer to the Federal Government for inclusion in Ocala National Forest.
253.782 Retention of state-owned lands in and around Lake Rousseau and the Cross Florida Barge Canal right-of-way from Lake Rousseau west to the Withlacoochee River.
253.7821 Cross Florida Greenways State Recreation and Conservation Area assigned to the Office of the Executive Director.
253.7822 Boundaries of the Cross Florida Greenways State Recreation and Conservation Area; coordination of management activities.
253.7823 Disposition of surplus lands; compensation of counties located within the Cross Florida Canal Navigation District.
253.7824 Sale of products; proceeds.
253.7825 Recreational uses.
253.7826 Canal structures.
253.7827 Transportation and utility crossings of greenways lands.
253.7828 Impairment of use or conservation by agencies prohibited.
253.7829 Management plan for retention or disposition of former Cross Florida Barge Canal lands; authority to manage lands until disposition.
253.783 Additional powers and duties of the department; disposition of surplus lands; payments to counties.
253.784 Contracts.
253.785 Liberal construction of act.
253.80 Murphy Act lands; costs and attorney fees for quieting title.
253.81 Murphy Act; tax certificates barred.
253.82 Title of state or private owners to Murphy Act lands.
253.83 Construction of recodification.
253.84 Acquisition of lands by the state.

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