1998 Florida Code
Chapter 215 Financial Matters: General Provisions  

215.01 Fiscal year.
215.02 Manner of paying money into the Treasury.
215.03 Party to be reimbursed on reversal of judgment for state.
215.04 Department of Banking and Finance to report delinquents.
215.05 Department of Banking and Finance to certify accounts of delinquents.
215.06 Certified accounts of delinquents as evidence.
215.07 Preference of state in case of insolvency.
215.08 Delinquent collectors to be reported to state attorney.
215.09 Delinquent collectors; forfeiture of commissions.
215.10 Delinquent collectors; suspension.
215.11 Defaulting officers; Department of Banking and Finance to report to clerk.
215.12 Defaulting officers; duty of clerk.
215.15 School appropriations to have priority.
215.16 Appropriations from General Revenue Fund for public schools, state institutions of higher learning, and community colleges; reduction.
215.18 Transfers between funds; limitation.
215.195 State-Federal Relations Trust Fund.
215.196 Architects Incidental Trust Fund; creation; assessment.
215.20 Certain income and certain trust funds to contribute to the General Revenue Fund.
215.22 Certain income and certain trust funds exempt.
215.23 When contributions to be made.
215.24 Exemptions where federal contributions or private grants.
215.25 Manner of contributions; rules and regulations.
215.26 Repayment of funds paid into State Treasury through error.
215.28 United States securities, purchase by state and county officers and employees; deductions from salary.
215.29 Classification of Comptroller's warrants; report.
215.31 State funds; deposit in State Treasury.
215.311 State funds; exceptions.
215.32 State funds; segregation.
215.3206 Trust funds; termination or re-creation.
215.3207 Trust funds; establishment; criteria.
215.3208 Trust funds; schedule for termination; legislative review.
215.321 Regulatory Trust Fund.
215.322 Acceptance of credit cards, charge cards, or debit cards by state agencies, units of local government, and the judicial branch.
215.34 State funds; noncollectible items; procedure.
215.35 State funds; warrants and their issuance.
215.36 State funds; laws not repealed.
215.37 Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the boards to be financed from fees collected; moneys deposited in trust fund; service charge imposed and deposited into the General Revenue Fund; appropriation.
215.405 State agencies and the judicial branch authorized to collect costs of fingerprinting.
215.42 Purchases from appropriations, proof of delivery.
215.422 Warrants, vouchers, and invoices; processing time limits; dispute resolution; agency or judicial branch compliance.
215.425 Extra compensation claims prohibited.
215.43 Public bonds, notes, and other securities.
215.431 Issuance of bond anticipation notes.
215.44 Board of Administration; powers and duties in relation to investment of trust funds.
215.444 Investment Advisory Council.
215.45 Sale and exchange of securities.
215.47 Investments; authorized securities; loan of securities.
215.471 Divestiture by the State Board of Administration.
215.472 Prohibited investments.
215.475 Investment plan.
215.48 Consent and ratification of appropriate board, agency, or of the judicial branch.
215.49 Making funds available for investment.
215.50 Custody of securities purchased; income.
215.51 Investment accounts; changes, notice, etc.
215.515 Investment accounts; charges for services.
215.52 Rules and regulations.
215.53 Powers of existing officers and boards, the judicial branch, and agencies not affected.
215.55 Federal Use of State Lands Trust Fund; county distribution.
215.551 National Forest Trust Fund; county distribution.
215.552 Federal Use of State Lands Trust Fund; land within military installations; county distribution.
215.555 Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund.
215.556 Exemption.
215.557 Reports of insured values.
215.57 Short title.
215.58 Definitions.
215.59 State bonds, revenue bonds; issuance.
215.60 State bonds for financing road acquisition and construction.
215.605 State bonds for right-of-way acquisition or bridge construction.
215.61 State system of public education capital outlay bonds.
215.62 Division of Bond Finance.
215.63 Transfer to division of assets and liabilities of the Revenue Bond Department of Development Commission.
215.64 Powers of the division.
215.65 Bond Fee Trust Fund, expenditures; schedule of fees.
215.655 Arbitrage Compliance Program, expenditures; schedule of fees.
215.66 Request for issuance of bonds; procedure requirements.
215.67 Issuance of state bonds.
215.68 Issuance of bonds; form; maturity date, execution, sale.
215.684 Limitation on engaging services of securities broker or bond underwriter convicted of fraud.
215.69 State Board of Administration to administer funds.
215.70 State Board of Administration to act in case of defaults.
215.71 Application of bond proceeds.
215.72 Covenants with bondholders.
215.73 Approval of bond issue by State Board of Administration.
215.74 Pledge of constitutional fuel tax; consent by counties and state agency supervising state road system.
215.75 Bonds securities for public bodies.
215.76 Exemption of bonds from taxation.
215.77 Trust funds.
215.78 Remedies.
215.79 Refunding bonds.
215.80 Annual report.
215.81 Pledge of state.
215.82 Validation; when required.
215.821 Issuance of bonds by state agencies.
215.83 Construction of State Bond Act.
215.835 Rulemaking authority.
215.84 Government bonds; maximum rate of interest.
215.845 Certain special laws establishing interest rates on bonds prohibited.
215.85 Direct deposit of public funds.
215.90 Short title.
215.91 Legislative intent.
215.92 Definitions.
215.93 Florida Financial Management Information System.
215.94 Designation, duties, and responsibilities of functional owners.
215.95 Financial Management Information Board.
215.96 Coordinating council and design and coordination staff.
215.962 Standards for state agency use of card-based technology.
215.964 Process for acquisition of commodities or services that include the use of card-based technology.

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