2022 Delaware Code
Title 19 - Labor
Chapter 38. Delaware Expanding Access for Retirement and Necessary Saving Program [Effective upon fulfillment of 83 Del. Laws, c. 405, § 3]
§ 3804. The Program [Effective upon fulfillment of 83 Del. Laws, c. 405, § 3].

Universal Citation: 19 DE Code § 3804 (2022)
§ 3804. The Program [Effective upon fulfillment of 83 Del. Laws, c. 405, § 3].

The Program shall have such features as the Board in its discretion may adopt, subject to applicable federal law, and the following mandatory provisions:

(1) Each participant may have only 1 account with the Program, and all participating employers shall promptly remit the participant's contributions under the Program to that account.

(2) Employers and nonparticipants may not contribute funds to program accounts.

(3) Employers shall not be fiduciaries with respect to, or be liable for, program design, program-related information, educational materials, or forms or disclosures approved by the Board, or the selection or performance of vendors selected by the Board. No employer, the State or any agency or instrumentality of the State, the Program, its administrator or personnel, shall be responsible for, or obligated to monitor a covered employee's or participant's decision to participate in or opt out of the Program, or for contribution decisions, investment decisions, or failure to comply with the statutory eligibility conditions or limits on IRA contributions. No employer shall guarantee any investment, rate of return, or interest on assets in any participant account or the administrative fund or be liable for any market losses, failure to realize gains, or any other adverse consequences, including the loss of favorable tax treatment or public assistance benefits, incurred by any person as a result of participating in the Program. Nothing in this subsection shall relieve an employer from liability for criminal, fraudulent, tortious or otherwise actionable conduct, including liability related to the failure to remit employee contributions.

(4) When and as required by the Board, covered employers shall:

a. Register with the Program and provide the program administrator relevant information about the employer's employees.

b. Offer or assist the Program in offering all covered employees the choice to either participate in the Program by voluntarily contributing to an IRA under the Program or opt out of the Program.

c. Provide or assist the program administrator in providing program-related information, educational materials, and disclosures to covered employees and participants.

d. Timely remit participant contributions.

e. Perform any other duties or functions the Board may require to facilitate enrollment and administration of the Program.

(5) Covered employees who do not opt out shall be automatically enrolled in the Program at the default rate specified by the Board or at the rate or amount expressly specified by an employee in connection with the payroll deduction IRA arrangements. Participants shall have the right to modify their contribution rates or amounts, or terminate their participation in the Program at any time, subject to such rules as may be adopted by the Board.

(6) The initial automatic default contribution rate shall be established by the Board in its discretion.

a. The automatic default contribution rate may be changed by the Board from time to time. It shall not be less than 3% nor more than 6% of compensation.

b. The Board may determine in its discretion to increase the automatic default contribution rate for all participants based on their years of participation, provided that such increases shall be either 1% or 2% of compensation and shall not occur more frequently than annually.

c. The maximum default contribution rate established by the Board shall not exceed 15%.

d. The initial or subsequent default contribution rates shall apply to all participants who do not affirmatively select a different initial or subsequent contribution rate, or who do not affirmatively opt out of automatic contribution rate increases.

e. All contribution rates are subject to the dollar limits on contributions provided by law.

(7) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, all IRAs established under the Program shall be Roth IRAs. The Board may authorize participants to utilize traditional IRAs in connection with the Program and allocate contributions between Roth and traditional IRAs, subject in all cases to the IRA contribution and income eligibility limits applicable under the Internal Revenue Code. If the Board authorizes participants to maintain both Roth and traditional IRAs, each shall be deemed to be a sub-account of the participant's single account under the Program consistent with paragraph (1) of this section.

(8) Contributions shall be invested in the default investment option unless the participant affirmatively elects to invest some or all balances in 1 or more approved investment options offered by the Program. A participant shall have the opportunity to change investments for future contributions or existing balances or both, subject to rules adopted by the Board.

(9) A participant's total annual contributions under the Program shall be subject to the limits established under federal law.

(10) A participant's contributions and earnings thereon shall be held in the trust and combined for investment purposes only. Separate records and accounting shall be required for each account. Reports on the status of each participant's account must be provided to each participant at least annually. Participants must have online access to their accounts.

(11) A participant's account shall be portable with respect to any covered or participating employer. A former participant who is either unemployed, or who is employed by a noncovered employer, shall be permitted to contribute to accounts outside of the Program. A participant shall be entitled to maintain an account within the Program regardless of place of employment or to roll over or transfer balances into other IRAs or other retirement plans or accounts that accept such rollovers or transfers.

(12) A participant's and former participant's ability to withdraw or roll over or transfer account balances is subject to all fees, penalties, and taxes under applicable law.

(13) A participant's and former participant's ability to receive distributions of contributions and earnings is subject to applicable law.

(14) Information relating to accounts under the Program, including personally identifiable information, is confidential and shall be maintained as confidential except to the extent disclosure is necessary to administer the Program, authorized by the participant in writing, or permissible or required under other applicable law, regulation, or order.

83 Del. Laws, c. 405, § 1; 
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