2019 Connecticut General Statutes
Title 42 - Business, Selling, Trading and Collection Practices
Chapter 734b - Time Shares
Section 42-103jj - Time share plan registration application. Abbreviated application. Statement in lieu of abbreviated application. Exclusion. Application investigation and inspection of property. Costs. Amendments to registration. Fee.

Universal Citation: CT Gen Stat § 42-103jj (2019)

(a) An application for registration filed under this section shall include a time share disclosure statement required by section 42-103mm and any exchange disclosure statement required by section 42-103nn, recorded copies of all time share instruments and other information as may be required by the commissioner. If the time share property is a newly developed property, recorded copies of the time share instruments shall be provided promptly after recorded copies are available from the entity with which the instruments are recorded.

(b) If existing or proposed accommodations are in a condominium or similar development, the application for registration shall contain the project condominium instruments of that development and affirmatively indicate that the creation and disposition of time share interests are not prohibited by those instruments. If the project instruments do not expressly authorize the creation and disposition of time share interests, the application shall contain evidence that existing owners of the condominium development were provided written notice not later than sixty days before the application for registration that time share interests would be created and sold. If the project instruments prohibit the creation or disposition of time share interests, the application shall contain a certification by the authorized representative of all existing owners that the project instruments have been properly amended to permit such creation and disposition.

(c) The commissioner may accept an abbreviated registration application from a developer of a time share plan for any accommodations in the plan that are located outside this state.

(d) A developer of a time share plan with any accommodation located in this state shall not file an abbreviated application unless:

(1) The developer is a (A) successor in interest after a merger or acquisition, or (B) joint venture in which the previous developer or its affiliate is a partner or a member; and

(2) The previous developer registered the time share plan in this state preceding the merger, acquisition or joint venture.

(e) A developer filing an abbreviated application shall provide:

(1) The legal name and any assumed names and the principal office location, mailing address, telephone number and primary contact person of the developer;

(2) The name, location, mailing address, telephone number and primary contact person of the time share plan;

(3) The name and address of the developer's authorized or registered agent for service of process in this state if the developer is not domiciled in this state;

(4) The name, primary office location, mailing address and telephone number of the managing entity of the time share plan;

(5) A declaration stating whether the time share plan is a single-site time share plan or a multisite time share plan;

(6) If the plan is a multisite time share plan, a declaration stating whether the plan consists of specific time share interests or nonspecific time share interests;

(7) A statement disclosing each jurisdiction in which the time share plan is approved or accepted and a statement disclosing each jurisdiction in which the time share plan is pending;

(8) A disclosure of each jurisdiction in which the developer or the managing entity has been denied registration of the time share plan or, during the five-year period before the registration application date, was the subject of a final adverse disposition in a disciplinary proceeding;

(9) If requested by the commissioner, copies of any disclosure documents required to be provided to purchasers or filed with any jurisdiction that approved or accepted the time share plan;

(10) Any other information requested by the commissioner or required by statute or departmental regulation or policy; and

(11) The appropriate filing fee, as determined by the commissioner.

(f) In lieu of physically providing the items listed in subsection (e) of this section, a developer filing an abbreviated application may provide a statement or statements certifying that any or all of the items required by subsection (e) of this section are available to be viewed electronically, at no cost to the department, through an electronic registry, web site or other electronic means approved by the commissioner. The method for accessing such items shall be clearly disclosed in each such certification.

(g) A foreign developer shall not file an abbreviated application unless the state in which such developer is registered has registration and disclosure requirements that are substantially similar to, or more stringent than, the requirements of this section.

(h) The commissioner shall investigate all matters relating to the application and the commissioner may require a personal inspection of the proposed time share property by any persons designated from the department. All direct expenses incurred by the department in inspecting the property shall be borne by the applicant. The commissioner may require the applicant to pay an advance deposit sufficient to cover those expenses.

(i) The developer shall file amendments to the registration reporting to the commissioner any materially adverse change in any document contained in the registration not later than thirty days after the developer knows or reasonably should know of the change. The developer may continue to offer and dispose of time share interests under the existing registration pending review of the amendments by the commissioner if the materially adverse change is disclosed to prospective purchasers. The commissioner may charge a fee of up to three hundred dollars for the processing of an amendment.

(P.A. 09-156, S. 8; P.A. 10-5, S. 53.)

History: P.A. 09-156 effective January 1, 2010; P.A. 10-5 made a technical change in Subsec. (f), effective May 5, 2010.

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