2018 Connecticut General Statutes
Title 4 - Management of State Agencies
Chapter 54 - Uniform Administrative Procedure Act
Section 4-177 - Contested cases. Notice. Record.

Universal Citation: CT Gen Stat § 4-177 (2018)

(a) In a contested case, all parties shall be afforded an opportunity for hearing after reasonable notice.

(b) The notice shall be in writing and shall include: (1) A statement of the time, place, and nature of the hearing; (2) a statement of the legal authority and jurisdiction under which the hearing is to be held; (3) a reference to the particular sections of the statutes and regulations involved; and (4) a short and plain statement of the matters asserted. If the agency or party is unable to state the matters in detail at the time the notice is served, the initial notice may be limited to a statement of the issues involved. Thereafter, upon application, a more definite and detailed statement shall be furnished.

(c) Unless precluded by law, a contested case may be resolved by stipulation, agreed settlement, or consent order or by the default of a party.

(d) The record in a contested case shall include: (1) Written notices related to the case; (2) all petitions, pleadings, motions and intermediate rulings; (3) evidence received or considered; (4) questions and offers of proof, objections and rulings thereon; (5) the official transcript, if any, of proceedings relating to the case, or, if not transcribed, any recording or stenographic record of the proceedings; (6) proposed final decisions and exceptions thereto; and (7) the final decision.

(e) Any recording or stenographic record of the proceedings shall be transcribed on request of any party. The requesting party shall pay the cost of such transcript. Nothing in this section shall relieve an agency of its responsibility under section 4-183 to transcribe the record for an appeal.

(1971, P.A. 854, S. 12; P.A. 73-620, S. 9, 10, 19; P.A. 88-317, S. 12, 107.)

History: P.A. 73-620 amended Subsec. (e) omitting statement of matters officially noticed, proposed findings and exceptions and staff memoranda or data submitted to hearing officer or agency members from record of contested case and amended Subsec. (f) to require party requesting transcript to pay its cost; P.A. 88-317 amended Subsec. (b) to require notice to be in writing, transferred provisions of former Subsec. (c) re opportunity to parties to respond and present evidence and argument to Sec. 4-177c, relettered former Subsec. (d) to Subsec. (c) and rephrased provisions of the subsection, relettered former Subsec. (e) to Subsec. (d) and amended Subsec. (e) to require notices, petitions, official transcript and proposed final decisions and exceptions and final decisions to be included in contested case record, relettered former Subsec. (f) to Subsec. (e) and amended Subsec. (e) by substituting “Any recording or stenographic record of the proceedings” for “Oral proceedings or any part thereof” and adding provision re agency responsibility to transcribe the record for an appeal, and transferred provisions of former Subsec. (g), which required findings of fact to be based exclusively on the evidence and on matters officially noticed, to Sec. 4-180, effective July 1, 1989, and applicable to all agency proceedings commencing on or after that date.

Notice of hearing under Sec. 10-151(b) which did not include two of the charges against the teacher held insufficient; findings of fact must be based on matters “officially noticed” as well as on the evidence. 167 C. 368. Cited. 171 C. 691; 172 C. 263; 173 C. 462; 176 C. 82; Id., 191; 177 C. 78; 183 C. 128; 186 C. 153; 188 C. 90; 191 C. 173; 207 C. 77; Id., 296; 208 C. 442; 210 C. 531; 211 C. 508; 213 C. 184; 214 C. 726; 215 C. 474; Id., 616; 223 C. 618; 228 C. 651; 239 C. 32.

Cited. 1 CA 1; 4 CA 117, 121; 9 CA 622; 33 CA 727; 34 CA 123; 37 CA 653; judgment reversed, see 238 C. 361. Notification by letter from complainant that requested information has been received, which was the same manner in which complainant initially notified commission of the contested case, constitutes a formal withdrawal of the complaint and therefore terminates commission's jurisdiction over the issue. 103 CA 571.

Administrative adjudication of no refund, not contested case. 30 CS 118. Cited. Id., 120; 34 CS 225; 39 CS 99; Id., 462; 41 CS 211; 42 CS 1; Id., 599.

Subsec. (b):

Subdiv. (4): Notice which failed to include several charges in “matters asserted” was prejudicial violation of Subsec. 167 C. 368. Cited. 174 C. 366. Subdiv. (2): Notice of hearing deemed legally sufficient where it cited statutory authorities of jurisdiction and under which violations claimed. 177 C. 515. Cited. 200 C. 489; 220 C. 86; 232 C. 57.

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