2012 Connecticut General Statutes
Title 7 - Municipalities
Chapter 93 - Registrars of Vital Statistics
Section 7-73 - Fees of registrars. Marriage license surcharge.

CT Gen Stat § 7-73 (2012) What's This?

(a) To any person performing the duties required by the provisions of the general statutes relating to registration of marriages, deaths and fetal deaths, the following fees shall be allowed: (1) For the license to marry, ten dollars; and (2) for issuing each burial or removal, transit and burial permit, three dollars.

(b) A twenty-dollar surcharge shall be paid to the registrar for each license to marry in addition to the fee for such license established pursuant to subsection (a) of this section. The registrar shall retain one dollar from each such surcharge for administrative costs and shall forward the remainder, on or before the tenth day of the month following each calendar quarter, to the Department of Public Health. The receipts shall be deposited into an account of the State Treasurer and credited to the General Fund for further credit to a separate nonlapsing account established by the Comptroller for use by the Department of Social Services for shelter services for victims of household abuse in accordance with section 17b-850 and by the Department of Public Health for rape crisis services funded under section 19a-2a. Such funds shall be allocated for these purposes by the Office of Policy and Management in consultation with the Commissioners of Social Services and Public Health based on an evaluation of need, service delivery costs and availability of other funds. The Commissioners of Social Services and Public Health shall distribute such funds to the recipient organizations in accordance with such allocations not later than October fifteenth, annually. No such funds shall (1) be retained by the Office of Policy and Management, the Commissioner of Social Services or the Commissioner of Public Health for administrative purposes; or (2) supplant any state or federal funds otherwise available for such services.

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History: 1963 act deleted provision for paying $0.25 to persons furnishing certificates required by sections 7-48 and 7-62; 1965 act raised fee for license to marry from $1 to $5 and deleted provisions regarding attaching affidavits to marriage licenses; 1971 act increased fee for issuing burial or removal permit to $1 and deleted provisions re reports of foundling children; P.A. 80-117 increased marriage license fee to $6 and burial or removal permit fee to $2; P.A. 89-217 changed the fees as follows: From $0.25 to $2 for the recording, indexing, copying or endorsing of each birth, marriage or death certificate, from $6 to $10 for a license to marry and from $2 to $3 for each burial or removal permit; P.A. 92-203 added Subsec. (b) re marriage surcharge to fund shelters for victims of household abuse and rape crisis services; P.A. 93-11 amended Subsec. (b) to provide fees be sent to the department of health services instead of the state treasurer and to provide for the deposit of funds into a separate account in the general fund, effective July 1, 1993; P.A. 93-262 authorized substitution of department of social services for department of human resources, effective July 1, 1993; P.A. 93-381 replaced commissioner and department of health services with commissioner and department of public health and addiction services and made technical changes, effective July 1, 1993; P.A. 95-257 replaced Commissioner and Department of Public Health and Addiction Services with Commissioner and Department of Public Health, effective July 1, 1995 (Revisor’s note: The words “the department of” were deleted editorially by the Revisors in Subsec. (b) references to Commissioner of Social Services and Commissioner of Public Health for consistency with customary statutory usage); P.A. 00-92 amended Subsec. (a) to delete $1 fee for ascertaining, recording and indexing each birth or death of which no certificate has been returned, to delete $0.05 fee for certifying to each certificate returned by physicians, midwives and persons having charge of burial places, to delete $0.10 fee for endorsing and recording each burial permit filed, to delete $0.50 fee for the sexton or other person making returns required by section 7-72 and similar $0.25 fee for registrars, and to delete requirement that all such fees, except those for certificates of license to marry and for removal permits, be paid by the town in which the duties for which said fees are allowed are performed; P.A. 01-163 added provisions re fetal deaths in Subsec. (a) and made technical changes in Subsecs. (a) and (b); P.A. 04-255 amended Subsec. (a) by changing “removal permit” to “burial transit removal permit”; P.A. 06-195 amended Subsec. (a) by deleting former Subdiv. (1) re $2 fee for completing birth records and for recording, indexing, copying and endorsing birth, marriage, death and fetal death certificates, making a conforming change and redesignating existing Subdivs. (2) and (3) as Subdivs. (1) and (2), respectively; P.A. 07-104 amended Subsec. (a) by substituting “removal, transit and burial permit” for “burial transit permit”, effective July 1, 2007; P.A. 10-137 amended Subsec. (b) by adding provisions requiring annual distribution of funds by October 15th and prohibiting retention of funds for administrative purposes, effective July 1, 2010.

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