2011 Connecticut Code
Title 52 Civil Actions
Chapter 909 Arbitration Proceedings
Sec. 52-416. Time within which award shall be rendered. Notice.

      Sec. 52-416. Time within which award shall be rendered. Notice. (a) If the time within which an award is rendered has not been fixed in the arbitration agreement, the arbitrator or arbitrators or umpire shall render the award within thirty days from the date the hearing or hearings are completed, or, if the parties are to submit additional material after the hearing or hearings, thirty days from the date fixed by the arbitrator or arbitrators or umpire for the receipt of the material. An award made after that time shall have no legal effect unless the parties expressly extend the time in which the award may be made by an extension or ratification in writing.

      (b) The award shall be in writing and signed by the arbitrator or arbitrators, or a majority of them, or by the umpire. Written notice of the award shall be given to each party.

      (1949 Rev., S. 8159; 1969, P.A. 474, S. 2; P.A. 82-160, S. 155.)

      History: 1969 act required rendering of award within 30 days from date hearing or hearings completed or within 30 days after date fixed for receipt of additional material, if applicable, where previously award was to be rendered within 60 days "from the date on which such arbitrator or arbitrators were empowered to act"; P.A. 82-160 rephrased the section and inserted Subsec. indicators.

      Is a general provision and does not apply as against section 31-97 governing proceedings before the board. 136 C. 205. Cited. 138 C. 68. Concerns arbitration awards generally. Distinguished from section 31-98. 145 C. 53. Award made after period limited must be vacated where there was no extension in writing of time for making same. 157 C. 362. Cited. 163 C. 327. Cited. 177 C. 484. Cited. 200 C. 345. Cited. 211 C. 541. Cited. 218 C. 646.

      Cited. 7 CA 272. Cited. 23 CA 727. Cited. 26 CA 418. Cited. 28 CA 270. Cited. 29 CA 484. Cited. 32 CA 250. Applies only when agreement does not specify time within which award must be rendered. 80 CA 1.

      Statute is directory rather than mandatory. 18 CS 239. Where there was nothing in the application to indicate when the arbitrator was empowered to act, a finding that the award was not made within the time limit was overruled. 19 CS 385. Where award is not rendered within the sixty-day period, motion to vacate must be made within thirty days thereafter under section 52-420; motion to strike answer in lieu of demurrer permissible procedure. 20 CS 94. Only the parties to an arbitration agreement may extend the sixty-day period. Id., 185. Not applicable to an arbitration before the Connecticut board of mediation and arbitration. Id., 303. Statute is not applicable to arbitration of a grievance between an employer and a union arising under a collective bargaining contract. 36 CS 223. Cited. 41 CS 302.

      Subsec. (a):

      Cited. 203 C. 133.

      Cited. 10 CA 292. Cited. 30 CA 580. Cited. 41 CA 649. If there is no evidence of an express extension of the 30-day requirement, there is nothing to support a finding of waiver. Failure to object to an untimely arbitration award is insufficient to indicate waiver. 100 CA 373.

      Subsec. (b):

      Defendant's motion to vacate arbitration award for lack of notice was properly denied because defendant's husband received written notice and had apparent authority to accept written notice on behalf of defendant. 120 CA 117.

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