2005 Connecticut Code - Sec. 47-21. Deeds of land by persons ousted of possession, void.

      Sec. 47-21. Deeds of land by persons ousted of possession, void. Any conveyance or lease, for any term, of any building, land or tenement, of which the grantor or lessor is ousted by the entry and possession of another, unless made to the person in actual possession, shall be void.

      (1949 Rev., S. 7105.)

      This section does not extend to the state. K. 221. Conveyance prohibited by the statute is void. 1 R. 100; id., 199; id., 402; 2 D. 151. Possession of mortgagee not adverse. 2 R. 499. What evidence is admissible. 2 D. 121. Reconveyance of mortgage to mortgagor, both out of possession, not within the statute. 4 D. 234. Whether conveyance of incorporeal hereditament falls within the statute. Id. Mortgage not an alienation so as to make the parties liable. 4 C. 421. When a deed releasing title by execution is void under the statute. Id., 575. Landlord is not ousted by possession of tenant. 9 C. 421. Grantee of corporation may be liable. Id. Conveyance may be void in part and valid in part under this statute. 13 C. 75; 14 C. 104; 109 C. 693. The owner of the soil of a highway may be disseized thereof, subject to the public easement. 19 C. 182. Quitclaim deed is such an alienation. Id., 471; 20 C. 262. Actual possession by any one as owner is sufficient ouster of another. Id. Receipt of rents and profits of land insufficient to prove an ouster of the holder of the legal title. 36 C. 345. Tenant of land under agreement to purchase may, after performing his contract, deny title of vendor, and thereafter his holding will be adverse. 38 C. 262. Quitclaim by ousted mortgagee to third party conveys an equitable, but no legal, title. 40 C. 90. A conveyance by an ousted grantor, made to a party to whom grantor, before ouster, had contracted to convey it, is not within the statute. 50 C. 46. Ouster which will render grantor's deed void under this section is the same which is required to establish adverse possession. 69 C. 28; 71 C. 574; 74 C. 523; 81 C. 133; 102 C. 56; 103 C. 335; 104 C. 288; 112 C. 6; 112 C. 125. Existence of way not an ouster; 69 C. 163; nor is building jutting over land; 75 C. 662; 87 C. 31; nor is possession of life tenant ouster of remainderman; 76 C. 594; 77 C. 407. Effect of ouster. 81 C. 551. Grantor, or grantee in grantor's name, may sue for possession of lands from which grantor was ousted. 93 C. 115. Cited. 120 C. 16; 134 C. 342; 137 C. 42. Ouster which will make deed void is same which is required to establish adverse possession. 135 C. 691. Possession necessary to constitute an ouster under this section must be of the type which would ripen into a title by adverse possession if it were continued long enough. 147 C. 689. In action to quiet title under section 47-31 if defendant had been deeded land which plaintiffs occupied, judgment should declare deed to the defendant void. 155 C. 327. Possession necessary to constitute an ouster under this section is possession that would, if continued for the requisite period, ripen into title by adverse possession. 165 C. 457, 465.

      Cited. 1 CA 481, 483. Cited. 37 CA 153, 155. Possession necessary to constitute ouster is possession that would ripen into a title by adverse possession if continued for the requisite period. 48 CA 436.

      Cited. 3 CS 49; 4 CS 34; 5 CS 477. Defendant's deed from his immediate predecessor in title, delivered more than fifteen years after the plaintiff's adverse possession began was unavailing to convey the land in dispute, since such predecessor was then out of possession. 6 CS 20. Purpose is to codify the common-law rule against champerty and maintenance. Executor's deed issued by order of probate court is not within its scope. 34 CS 31, 33.

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