2022 Colorado Code
Title 6 - Consumer and Commercial Affairs
Article 7.5 - Water and Energy Efficiency Standards
§ 6-7.5-102. Definitions

Universal Citation: CO Code § 6-7.5-102 (2022)

As used in this article 7.5, unless the context otherwise requires:

  1. "Air compressor" means a compressor that:
    1. Is designed to compress air;
    2. Has an inlet that is open to the atmosphere or other source of air; and
    3. Consists of a compression element, also known as a bare compressor; one or more drivers; mechanical equipment to drive the compression element; and any ancillary equipment.
  2. "ANSI" means the American National Standards Institute or its successor organization.
  3. "ANSI C79.1-2002" means the ANSI standard for "Electric Lamps - Nomenclature for Glass Bulbs Intended for Use with Electric Lamps", approved September 16, 2002.
  4. "APSP" means the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals or its successor organization.
  5. "CCR" means the California code of regulations, as amended.
  6. "Cold-only unit" means a water cooler that dispenses cold water only.
  7. "Commercial dishwasher" means a machine designed to clean and sanitize plates, pots, pans, glasses, cups, bowls, utensils, and trays by applying sprays of detergent solution, with or without blasting media granules, and a sanitizing rinse.
  8. "Commercial fryer" means an appliance, including a cooking vessel, in which:
    1. Oil is placed to such a depth that the food to be cooked is essentially supported by displacement of the cooking fluid rather than by the bottom of the vessel; and
    2. Heat is delivered to the cooking fluid by means of either:
      1. An immersed electric element or band-wrapped vessel; or
      2. Heat transfer from gas burners through either the walls of the vessel or tubes passing through the cooking fluid.
  9. "Commercial hot food holding cabinet" means a heated, fully enclosed compartment with one or more solid or transparent doors designed to maintain the temperature of hot food that has been cooked using a separate appliance. "Commercial hot food holding cabinet" does not include heated glass merchandising cabinets, drawer warmers, or cook and hold appliances.
  10. "Commercial steam cooker" means a device with one or more food-steaming compartments in which thermal energy is transferred from the steam to the food by direct contact. "Commercial steam cooker" includes countertop models, wall-mounted models, and floor models mounted on a stand, pedestal, or cabinet-style base.
  11. "Compensation" means money or any other thing of value, regardless of form, received or to be received by a person for goods or services rendered.
  12. "Compressor" means a machine or apparatus that converts different types of energy into the potential energy of gas pressure for displacement and compression of gaseous media to any higher pressure values above atmospheric pressure and has a pressure ratio at full-load operating pressure greater than 1.3 atmospheres.
  13. "Computer" and "computer monitor" have the meanings set forth in 20 CCR sec. 1602 (v).
  14. "Cook and cold unit" means a water cooler that dispenses both cold and room-temperature water.
  15. "Energy Star program" means the federal program authorized by 42 U.S.C. sec. 6294a, as amended.
  16. "Executive director" means the executive director of the department of public health and environment or the executive director's designee.
  17. "Faucet" means:
    1. A lavatory faucet, kitchen faucet, metering faucet, or public lavatory faucet; and
    2. A replacement aerator for a lavatory faucet, public lavatory faucet, or kitchen faucet.
  18. "Flushometer-valve water closet" means a type of commercial toilet that uses a valve for flushing by operation of a handle that discharges a definite quantity of water under pressure directly into the fixture.
  19. "General service lamp":
    1. Means a lamp that:
      1. Has a base that complies with ANSI standards;
      2. Is able to operate at a voltage:
        1. Of twelve or twenty-four volts;
        2. At or between one hundred and one hundred thirty volts;
        3. At or between two hundred twenty and two hundred forty volts; or
        4. Of two hundred seventy-seven volts for integrated lamps or any voltage for nonintegrated lamps;
      3. Has an initial lumen output greater than or equal to three hundred ten lumens, or two hundred thirty-two lumens for modified spectrum general service incandescent lamps, and less than or equal to three thousand three hundred lumens;
      4. Is not a light fixture or an LED downlight retrofit kit; and
      5. Is used in general lighting applications;
    2. Includes general service incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, general service LED lamps, and general service organic LED lamps;
    3. Does not include:
      1. Appliance lamps;
      2. Black light lamps;
      3. Bug lamps;
      4. Colored lamps;
      5. G-shape lamps with a diameter of five inches or more as defined in ANSI C79.1-2002;
      6. General service fluorescent lamps;
      7. High-intensity discharge lamps;
      8. Infrared lamps;
      9. J, JC, JCD, JCS, JCV, JCX, JD, JS, and JT-shape lamps that do not have Edison screw bases;
      10. Lamps that have a wedge base or prefocus base;
      11. Left-hand thread lamps;
      12. Marine lamps;
      13. Marine signal service lamps;
      14. Mine service lamps;
      15. MR-shape lamps that:
        1. Have a first number symbol equal to sixteen (diameter equal to two inches), as defined in ANSI C79.1-2002;
        2. Operate at twelve volts; and
        3. Have a lumen output greater than or equal to eight hundred;
      16. Other fluorescent lamps not described in subsection (19)(b) of this section;
      17. Plant light lamps;
      18. R20 short lamps;
      19. Reflector lamps that have a first number symbol less than sixteen (diameter less than two inches) as defined in ANSI C79.1-2002 and that do not have E26/E24, E26d, E26/50x39, E26/53x39, E29/28, E29/53x39, E39, E39d, EP39, or EX39 bases;
      20. S-shape or G-shape lamps that have a first number symbol less than or equal to twelve and one-half (diameter less than or equal to 1.5625 inches) as defined in ANSI C79.1-2002;
      21. Sign service lamps;
      22. Silver bowl lamps;
      23. Showcase lamps;
      24. Specialty MR lamps;
      25. T-shape lamps that:
        1. Have a first number symbol less than or equal to eight (diameter less than or equal to one inch), as defined in ANSI C79.1-2002;
        2. Have a nominal overall length less than twelve inches; and
        3. Are not compact fluorescent lamps; or
      26. Traffic signal lamps.
  20. "GPM" means gallons per minute.
  21. "High color rendering index (CRI) fluorescent lamp" means a fluorescent lamp with a CRI of eighty-seven or greater that is not a compact fluorescent lamp.
  22. "Hot and cold unit" means a water cooler that dispenses both hot and cold water. It may also dispense room-temperature water.
  23. "ICC" means the International Code Council or its successor organization.
    1. "Lamp" means a device that emits light and is used to illuminate an indoor or outdoor space.
    2. "Lamp" does not include a heat lamp.
  24. "LED" means light-emitting diode.
  25. "Low-efficiency plumbing fixture" means any of the following plumbing fixtures or fittings that is not a WaterSense-listed plumbing fixture:
    1. A lavatory faucet;
    2. A shower head;
    3. A flushing urinal;
    4. A flushometer-valve water closet; or
    5. A tank-type toilet or tank-type water closet.
  26. "Metering faucet" means a fitting that, when turned on, will gradually shut off the flow of water over a period of several seconds.
  27. "NEMA" means the National Electrical Manufacturers Association or its successor organization.
  28. "Portable air conditioner" means a portable encased assembly, other than a packaged terminal air conditioner, ductless portable air conditioner, room air conditioner, or dehumidifier, that:
    1. Delivers cooled, conditioned air to an enclosed space;
    2. Is powered by single-phase electric current;
    3. Includes a source of refrigeration;
    4. May be a single-duct or dual-duct portable air conditioner; and
    5. May include additional means for air circulation and heating.
  29. "Portable electric spa" means a factory-built electric spa or hot tub. It may or may not include any combination of integral controls, water heating, and water circulating equipment.
  30. "Pressure regulator" means a device that maintains constant operating pressure immediately downstream from a spray sprinkler body, given higher pressure upstream of the device.
  31. "PSI" means pounds per square inch.
  32. "Public lavatory faucet" means a fitting designed and marketed for installation in a nonresidential bathroom, which bathroom is exposed to walk-in traffic.
  33. "Replacement aerator" means an aerator sold as a replacement, separate from the faucet to which it is intended to be attached.
  34. "Residential ventilating fan" means an inline fan designed to be used in a bathroom or utility room and whose purpose is to move air from inside the building to the outdoors. It may be ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or remotely mounted.
  35. "Spray sprinkler body" means the exterior case or shell of a sprinkler, which case or shell:
    1. Incorporates a means of connection to the piping system; and
    2. Is designed to convey water to a nozzle or orifice.
  36. "Uninterruptible power supply" means a power system for maintaining continuity of load power in case of input power failure. It may consist of a combination of one or more battery chargers, convertors, switches, and batteries or other energy storage devices.
  37. "Water cooler" means a freestanding device that consumes energy to cool or heat, or both cool and heat, potable water.
  38. "WaterSense-listed plumbing fixture" means a plumbing fixture or plumbing fixture fitting that has been:
    1. Tested by an accredited third-party certifying body or laboratory in accordance with the federal environmental protection agency's WaterSense program or a successor program;
    2. Certified by the body or laboratory as meeting the performance and efficiency requirements of the WaterSense program; and
    3. Authorized by the WaterSense program to use its label.
  39. "WaterSense program" means the federal program authorized by 42 U.S.C. sec. 6294b.

Source: L. 2019: Entire article R&RE, (HB 19-1231), ch. 356, p. 3271, § 1, effective August 2.

Editor's note: This section is similar to former § 6-7.5-101 as it existed prior to 2019.

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