2020 California Code
Penal Code - PEN
CHAPTER 3 - Prevention and Abatement of Unlawful Activities
ARTICLE 4.6 - The Hertzberg-Alarcon California Prevention of Terrorism Act
Section 11417.

Universal Citation: CA Penal Code § 11417 (2020)

(a) For the purposes of this article, the following terms have the following meanings:

(1) “Weapon of mass destruction” includes chemical warfare agents, weaponized biological or biologic warfare agents, restricted biological agents, nuclear agents, radiological agents, or the intentional release of industrial agents as a weapon, or an aircraft, vessel, or vehicle, as described in Section 34500 of the Vehicle Code, which is used as a destructive weapon.

(2) “Chemical Warfare Agents” includes, but is not limited to, the following weaponized agents, or any analog of these agents:

(A) Nerve agents, including Tabun (GA), Sarin (GB), Soman (GD), GF, and VX.

(B) Choking agents, including Phosgene (CG) and Diphosgene (DP).

(C) Blood agents, including Hydrogen Cyanide (AC), Cyanogen Chloride (CK), and Arsine (SA).

(D) Blister agents, including mustards (H, HD [sulfur mustard], HN-1, HN-2, HN-3 [nitrogen mustard]), arsenicals, such as Lewisite (L), urticants, such as CX; and incapacitating agents, such as BZ.

(3) “Weaponized biological or biologic warfare agents” include weaponized pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, rickettsia, yeasts, fungi, or genetically engineered pathogens, toxins, vectors, and endogenous biological regulators (EBRs).

(4) “Nuclear or radiological agents” includes any improvised nuclear device (IND) which is any explosive device designed to cause a nuclear yield; any radiological dispersal device (RDD) which is any explosive device utilized to spread radioactive material; or a simple radiological dispersal device (SRDD) which is any act or container designed to release radiological material as a weapon without an explosion.

(5) “Vector” means a living organism or a molecule, including a recombinant molecule, or a biological product that may be engineered as a result of biotechnology, that is capable of carrying a biological agent or toxin to a host.

(6) “Weaponization” is the deliberate processing, preparation, packaging, or synthesis of any substance for use as a weapon or munition. “Weaponized agents” are those agents or substances prepared for dissemination through any explosive, thermal, pneumatic, or mechanical means.

(7) For purposes of this section, “used as a destructive weapon” means to use with the intent of causing widespread great bodily injury or death by causing a fire or explosion or the release of a chemical, biological, or radioactive agent.

(b) The intentional release of a dangerous chemical or hazardous material generally utilized in an industrial or commercial process shall be considered use of a weapon of mass destruction when a person knowingly utilizes those agents with the intent to cause harm and the use places persons or animals at risk of serious injury, illness, or death, or endangers the environment.

(c) The lawful use of chemicals for legitimate mineral extraction, industrial, agricultural, or commercial purposes is not proscribed by this article.

(d) No university, research institution, private company, individual, or hospital engaged in scientific or public health research and, as required, registered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pursuant to Part 113 (commencing with Section 113.1) of Subchapter E of Chapter 1 of Title 9 or pursuant to Part 72 (commencing with Section 72.1) of Subchapter E of Chapter 1 of Title 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations, or any successor provisions, shall be subject to this article.

(Amended by Stats. 2002, Ch. 611, Sec. 1. Effective September 17, 2002.)

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