2018 California Code
Streets and Highways Code - SHC
Section 8652.


The bonds shall be substantially in the following form:

United States of America State of California County of ______



IMPROVEMENT BOND City (or County) of (naming it)__________ SERIES NO. ______



BOND DATE____,  20__


Under and by virtue of the Improvement Bond Act of 1915, Division 10 (commencing with Section 8500) of the Streets and Highways Code (the “Act”), the City (or County) of ____, County of ____, State of California, (the “City” or “County”) will, out of the redemption fund for the payment of the bonds issued upon the unpaid portion of assessments made for the acquisition, work, and improvements more fully described in proceedings taken pursuant to Resolution of Intention No. ____, adopted by the (legislative body) of the City (or County) of ____ on the ____ day of ____, 20__, (as later amended), pay to ____ or registered assigns, on the maturity date stated above, the principal sum of ____, in lawful money of the United States of America and in like manner will pay interest from the interest payment date next preceding the date on which this bond is authenticated, unless this bond is authenticated and registered as of an interest payment date, in which event it shall bear interest from such interest payment date, or unless this bond is authenticated and registered prior to ____, 20__, (first interest payment date) in which event it shall bear interest from its date, until payment of such principal sum shall have been discharged, at the rate per annum stated above, payable semiannually on March 2 and September 2 in each year commencing on ____, 20__. Both the principal hereof and redemption premium hereon are payable at ____ as Transfer Agent, Registrar, and Paying Agent, in ____, California, and the interest hereon is payable by check or draft mailed to the owner hereof at the owner’s address as it appears on the records of the ____ (issuing agency or registration agent) or at an address that has been filed with the ____ (issuing agency or registration agent) for that purpose, as of the 15th day of the calendar month immediately preceding each interest payment date.

This bond will continue to bear interest after maturity at the rate above stated; provided, it is presented at maturity and payment thereof is refused upon the sole ground that there are not sufficient moneys in said redemption fund with which to pay same. If it is not presented at maturity, interest thereon will run until maturity.

This bond shall not be entitled to any benefit under the Act or the Resolution Authorizing Issuance of Bonds (the “Resolution of Issuance”), or become valid or obligatory for any purpose, until the certificate of authentication and registration hereon endorsed shall have been dated and signed by the ____ (issuing agency or registration agent).

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the City (or County) of ____ has caused this bond to be signed in facsimile by the Treasurer of the City (or County) and by its Clerk, and has caused its corporate seal to be reproduced in facsimile hereon all as of the ____ day of ____, 20__.

CITY (OR COUNTY) OF ________




Certificate of Authentication and Registration

This is one of the bonds described in the within mentioned Resolution of Issuance, which has been authenticated and registered on



This bond is one of several annual series of bonds of like date, tenor, and effect, but differing in amounts, maturities, and interest rates, issued by the City (or County) of ____ under the Act and the Resolution of Issuance, for the purpose of providing means for paying for the improvements described in the proceedings, and is secured by the moneys in the redemption fund and by the unpaid portion of assessments made for the payment of those improvements, and, including principal and interest, is payable exclusively out of the redemption fund.

This bond is transferable by the registered owner hereof, in person or by the owner’s attorney duly authorized in writing, at the office of ____ (issuing agency or its registration agent), subject to the terms and conditions provided in the Resolution of Issuance, including the payment of certain charges, if any, upon surrender and cancellation of this bond. Upon transfer, a new registered bond or bonds, of any authorized denomination or denominations, of the same maturity, for the same aggregate principal amount, will be issued to the transferee in exchange therefor.

Bonds shall be registered only in the name of an individual (including joint owners), a corporation, a partnership, or a trust.

Neither the issuing agency nor the registration agent shall be required to exchange or to register the transfer of bonds during the 15 days immediately preceding any interest payment date.

The issuing agency and the registration agent may treat the owner hereof as the absolute owner for all purposes, and the issuing agency and the registration agent shall not be affected by any notice to the contrary.

This bond or any portion of it in the amount of five thousand dollars ($5,000), or any integral multiple thereof, may be redeemed and paid in advance of maturity upon the second day of March or September in any year by giving at least 30 days’ notice by registered or certified mail or by personal service to the registered owner hereof at the owner’s address as it appears on the registration books of the ____ (issuing agency or registration agent) by paying principal and accrued interest together with a premium equal to ____ percent of the principal.

This bond is not subject to refunding pursuant to the procedures of Division 11 (commencing with Section 9000) or Division 11.5 (commencing with Section 9500) of the Streets and Highways Code prior to ______, ___. (If applicable).

I hereby certify that the following is a correct copy of the signed legal opinion of _______

City (or County) Clerk

(Amended by Stats. 2018, Ch. 198, Sec. 15. (AB 3246) Effective January 1, 2019.)

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