2010 California Code
Penal Code
Chapter 2. Entertainment Firearms Permit

SECTION 29500-29535

29500.  Any person who is at least 21 years of age may apply for an
entertainment firearms permit from the Department of Justice. An
entertainment firearms permit authorizes the permitholder to possess
firearms loaned to the permitholder for use solely as a prop in a
motion picture, television, video, theatrical, or other entertainment
production or event.

29505.  (a) Requests for entertainment firearms permits shall be
made on application forms prescribed by the Department of Justice
that require applicant information, including, but not limited to,
the following:
   (1) Complete name.
   (2) Residential and mailing address.
   (3) Telephone number.
   (4) Date of birth.
   (5) Place of birth.
   (6) Country of citizenship and, if other than United States, alien
number or admission number.
   (7) Valid driver's license number or valid identification card
number issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
   (8) Social security number.
   (9) Signature.
   (b) All applications must be submitted with the appropriate fee as
specified in Section 29510.

29510.  (a) The Department of Justice shall recover the full costs
of administering the entertainment firearms permit program by
assessing the following application fees:
   (1) For the initial application: one hundred four dollars ($104).
Of this sum, fifty-six dollars ($56) shall be deposited into the
Fingerprint Fee Account, and forty-eight dollars ($48) shall be
deposited into the Dealer Record of Sale Account.
   (2) For each annual renewal application: twenty-nine dollars
($29), which shall be deposited into the Dealer Record of Sale
   (b) The department shall annually review and shall adjust the fees
specified in subdivision (a), if necessary, to fully fund, but not
to exceed the actual costs of, the permit program provided for by
this chapter, including enforcement of the program.

29515.  (a) Upon receipt of an initial or renewal application
submitted as specified in Sections 29505, 29520, and 29525, the
department shall examine its records, records the department is
authorized to request from the State Department of Mental Health
pursuant to Section 8104 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, and
records of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System as
described in subsection (t) of Section 922 of Title 18 of the United
States Code, in order to determine if the applicant is prohibited
from possessing or receiving firearms.
   (b) The department shall issue an entertainment firearms permit
only if the records indicate that the applicant is not prohibited
from possessing or receiving firearms pursuant to any federal, state,
or local law.

29520.  (a) An initial application for an entertainment firearms
permit shall require the submission of fingerprint images and related
information in a manner prescribed by the department, for the
purpose of obtaining information as to the existence and nature of a
record of state or federal level convictions and state or federal
level arrests for which the department establishes that the
individual was released on bail or on the individual's own
recognizance pending trial as needed to determine whether the
applicant may be issued the permit. Requests for federal level
criminal offender record information received by the Department of
Justice pursuant to this chapter shall be forwarded by the department
to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
   (b) The Department of Justice shall review the criminal offender
record information specified in subdivision (l) of Section 11105 for
entertainment firearms permit applicants.
   (c) The Department of Justice shall review subsequent arrests,
pursuant to Section 11105.2, to determine the continuing validity of
the permit as specified in Section 29530 for all entertainment
firearms permitholders.

29525.  Any person who furnishes a fictitious name or address or
knowingly furnishes any incorrect information or knowingly omits any
information required to be provided on an application for an
entertainment firearms permit is guilty of a misdemeanor.

29530.  (a) An entertainment firearms permit issued by the
Department of Justice shall be valid for one year from the date of
   (b) If at any time during that year the permitholder becomes
prohibited from possessing or receiving firearms pursuant to any
federal, state, or local law, the entertainment firearms permit shall
be no longer valid.

29535.  The implementation of Sections 29500, 29505, 29515, 29520,
and 29525, and of subdivision (a) of Section 29510, by the department
is exempt from the Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter 3.5
(commencing with Section 11340) of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of
the Government Code).

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