2007 California Vehicle Code Article 1. Horns, Sirens And Amplification Devices

CA Codes (veh:27000-27007)


SECTION 27000-27007

27000.  (a) A motor vehicle, when operated upon a highway, shall be
equipped with a horn in good working order and capable of emitting
sound audible under normal conditions from a distance of not less
than 200 feet, but no horn shall emit an unreasonably loud or harsh
sound. An authorized emergency vehicle may be equipped with, and use
in conjunction with the siren on that vehicle, an air horn that emits
sounds that do not comply with the requirements of this section.
   (b) A refuse or garbage truck shall be equipped with an automatic
backup audible alarm that sounds on backing and is capable of
emitting sound audible under normal conditions from a distance of not
less than 100 feet or shall be equipped with an automatic backup
device that is in good working order, located at the rear of the
vehicle and that immediately applies the service brake of the vehicle
on contact by the vehicle with any obstruction to the rear. The
backup device or alarm shall also be capable of operating
automatically when the vehicle is in neutral or a forward gear but
rolls backward.
   (c) A refuse or garbage truck, except a vehicle, known as a
rolloff vehicle, that is used for the express purpose of transporting
waste containers such as open boxes or compactors, purchased after
January 1, 2010, shall also be equipped with a functioning camera
providing a video display for the driver that enhances or supplements
the drivers' view behind the truck for the purpose of safely
maneuvering the truck.

27001.  (a) The driver of a motor vehicle when reasonably necessary
to insure safe operation shall give audible warning with his horn.
   (b) The horn shall not otherwise be used, except as a theft alarm
system which operates as specified in Article 13 (commencing with
Section 28085) of this chapter.

27002.  No vehicle, except an authorized emergency vehicle, shall be
equipped with, nor shall any person use upon a vehicle any siren
except that an authorized emergency vehicle shall be equipped with a
siren meeting requirements established by the department.

27003.  An armored car may be equipped with a siren which may be
used while resisting armed robbery.  At all other times, the siren
shall not be sounded.  The authority to use a siren granted by this
section does not constitute an armored car an authorized emergency
vehicle, and all other provisions of this code applicable to drivers
of vehicles apply to drivers of armored cars.

27007.  No driver of a vehicle shall operate, or permit the
operation of, any sound amplification system which can be heard
outside the vehicle from 50 or more feet when the vehicle is being
operated upon a highway, unless that system is being operated to
request assistance or warn of a hazardous situation.
   This section does not apply to authorized emergency vehicles or
vehicles operated by gas, electric, communications, or water
utilities.  This section does not apply to the sound systems of
vehicles used for advertising, or in parades, political or other
special events, except that the use of sound systems on those
vehicles may be prohibited by a local authority by ordinance or

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