2005 California Probate Code Sections 4780-4786 PART 4. REQUEST TO FORGO RESUSCITATIVE MEASURES

SECTION 4780-4786

4780.  (a) As used in this part:
   (1) "Request to forgo resuscitative measures" means a written
document, signed by (A) an individual, or a legally recognized
surrogate health care decisionmaker, and (B) a physician, that
directs a health care provider to forgo resuscitative measures for
the individual.
   (2) "Request to forgo resuscitative measures" includes a
prehospital "do not resuscitate" form as developed by the Emergency
Medical Services Authority or other substantially similar form.
   (b) A request to forgo resuscitative measures may also be
evidenced by a medallion engraved with the words "do not resuscitate"
or the letters "DNR," a patient identification number, and a 24-hour
toll-free telephone number, issued by a person pursuant to an
agreement with the Emergency Medical Services Authority.
4781.  As used in this part, "health care provider" includes, but is
not limited to, the following:
   (a) Persons described in Section 4621.
   (b) Emergency response employees, including, but not limited to,
firefighters, law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians
I and II, paramedics, and employees and volunteer members of legally
organized and recognized volunteer organizations, who are trained in
accordance with standards adopted as regulations by the Emergency
Medical Services Authority pursuant to Sections 1797.170, 1797.171,
1797.172, 1797.182, and 1797.183 of the Health and Safety Code to
respond to medical emergencies in the course of performing their
volunteer or employee duties with the organization.
4782.  A health care provider who honors a request to forgo
resuscitative measures is not subject to criminal prosecution, civil
liability, discipline for unprofessional conduct, administrative
sanction, or any other sanction, as a result of his or her reliance
on the request, if the health care provider (a) believes in good
faith that the action or decision is consistent with this part, and
(b) has no knowledge that the action or decision would be
inconsistent with a health care decision that the individual signing
the request would have made on his or her own behalf under like
4783.  (a) Forms for requests to forgo resuscitative measures
printed after January 1, 1995, shall contain the following:
"By signing this form, the surrogate acknowledges that this request
to forgo resuscitative measures is consistent with the known desires
of, and with the best interest of, the individual who is the subject
of the form."
   (b) A substantially similar printed form is valid and enforceable
if all of the following conditions are met:
   (1) The form is signed by the individual, or the individual's
legally recognized surrogate health care decisionmaker, and a
   (2) The form directs health care providers to forgo resuscitative
   (3) The form contains all other information required by this
4784.  In the absence of knowledge to the contrary, a health care
provider may presume that a request to forgo resuscitative measures
is valid and unrevoked.
4785.  This part applies regardless of whether the individual
executing a request to forgo resuscitative measures is within or
outside a hospital or other health care institution.
4786.  This part does not repeal or narrow laws relating to health
care decisionmaking.

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